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The Ultimate Guide To Your Dog’s Dental Health

The Ultimate Guide To Your Dog's Dental Health

Does your dog have stinky breath and yellow tartar buildup on their teeth? Taking care of your dog’s dental health means more than fresher kisses. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, about 80 percent of dogs will have some stage of gum disease by age 2. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss, oral pain, and infection that can spread to the jaw, and even lead to blindness. Harmful bacteria can spread through the bloodstream and put a strain on your dog’s entire body – leading to chronic kidney disease, diabetes and heart failure. You can save your dog from[…]Read More…

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How To Care For A Puppy Under 8 Weeks Old

How To Care For A Puppy Younger Than 8 Weeks Old

Puppies need their mother and littermates during their first 8 weeks of life to eat, stay warm and pick up early social skills. But what about when your puppy comes home too soon? You can care for a young puppy who does not have a mother; it will just take a little extra work during those first few weeks. Here is everything you need to know about caring for puppies under 8 weeks of age: Was Your Puppy Sold Illegally? If you’re in the United States, there is a chance that the puppy was sold to you illegally. Twenty-five states[…]Read More…

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Meet The Boerboel – The South African Farmer’s Dog

Meet the Boerboel, South African Farmer Dog

Have you ever met a Boerboel? These big, stunning dogs have been a loyal guardian to South African farmers for over 400 years, and in the past decade, they’ve won hearts all over the world with their warm, intelligent eyes and gentle prowess. What IS A Boerboel? Though the Boerboel became an AKC-recognized breed in 2015, they have been around for at least 400 years. As Europeans settled in Africa in the 1650s, they brought with them a variety of working dogs – foxhounds, greyhounds, mastiffs, pointers, bulldogs and terriers, all of which may have interbred with native African pariah dogs[…]Read More…

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Obedience Training For Older Pups

By the time he is six months old, a puppy has learned the rudiments of good behavior. He’s been housebroken for some time. He’s learned, let us hope, that it’s against the rules to jump up on beds, sofas, chairs or people. He responds – well most of the time – to such words as “no,” “come”, “down” and “quiet”. He knows what “good dog” and “bad dog” mean, and he’s a little bit of both. Now, at somewhere between 6 and 9 months, it’s time for the puppy to progress into regular obedience training. Don’t skip this part of[…]Read More…

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All About The American Bully

American Bully Breed

The American Bully is one of the newest and fastest growing dog breeds in the world. You may have started to see these dogs at your local park or on social media. When you see one, you’ll do a double-take – these dogs make a powerful impression on everyone they meet, not only with their short, muscular stance but also their goofy, friendly personality. Is The American Bully The Same As A Pit Bull? The American Pit Bull Terrier is its own breed recognized by the United Kennel Club, originating as early as 500 years ago. However, when people use[…]Read More…

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Can I Take My American Bully To The Dog Park?

Can an American Bully go to the dog park and play with other dogs?

Your American Bully loves to play at home with their family – wouldn’t the dog park be a great place for them to run off some steam?  The answer isn’t a simple yes or no – you’ll need to decide carefully based on a few factors. Dog Parks Aren’t For Everyone Some vets and trainers are totally against dog parks – they think that they cause more harm than good. It’s true that group play can exacerbate behavioral issues and lead to fights, which can cause serious injuries, even death. That said, many dogs play happily at dog parks and[…]Read More…

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How To Choose Between Grain-Free And Grain-Inclusive Pet Food

In recent years, pet foods have become complicated, to say the least.  With so many different formulas to choose from, dozens of new brands, and very little information on the label besides flashy marketing terms, you might feel like shopping for pet food has become extremely overwhelming. Here’s what you need to know when choosing the right food for your pet: Ingredients In Grain-Free And Grain-Inclusive Pet Foods The “grains” in grain-inclusive pet foods are usually corn, rice, wheat and barley. Grain-free pet foods contain other sources of carbohydrates that are included as an energy source and to hold the[…]Read More…

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Why You Should Adopt A Pet From A Shelter

Every so often, a shelter in any community gets ready for an adoption promotion. While shelters also raise funds throughout the calendar year, what is raised is rarely sufficient. Thus, adoption events. According to the Humane Society Of The United States, Each Year, 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States, simply because too many pets come into shelters and too few people consider adoption when looking for a pet. The number of euthanized animals could be reduced dramatically if more people adopted pets instead of buying them. If that is not enough reason why you[…]Read More…

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How to Keep Your Pets Safe on Your Deck

The summer heat is here and our decks are ready for family, friends, sunbathing, barbeques, and of course, hanging out with our pets! While our pups love watching us barbeque on the deck or our cats enjoy basking in the sun, as pet owners we need to make sure they are completely safe. As amazing as our decks are, they can be dangerous. However, danger can be easily prevented! Let your dogs and cats be protected and happy this summer with these tips to keep your pets safe on your deck! Tip 1: Check the deck’s temperature Whether your deck[…]Read More…

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What To Do If You See A Dog In A Hot Car

What To Do If You See A Dog In A Hot Car

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to take your dog with you when you go out, instead of leaving them at home? Most dogs love car rides, especially if they know they’re going to the park or the dog beach. However, taking your dog with you can be inconvenient. They’re not allowed in most public places. People sometimes resort to leaving their dog in their car while they run into the store “for five minutes.” Even if you run in, grab what you need, and don’t have to wait in line, it only takes a few minutes for the inside[…]Read More…

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10 Cool New AKC Recognized Dog Breeds

New AKC Dog Breeds

The American Kennel Club recognizes over 200 breeds, which can participate in events like conformation shows, agility, earth-dog trials, and obedience trials. In the past decade, a handful of “new” dog breeds have been added to the registry. These are not necessarily brand-new dog breeds, but rare breeds that had to demonstrate enough interest before they could be recognized by the AKC – they must have a dedicated National Breed Club, and at least a few hundred dogs across the United States. Get to know these amazing, super-rare dogs that are now winning judges over in AKC competitions: 1. Bergamasco[…]Read More…

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How To Tell If Your Pets Are At A Healthy Weight

How To Tell If Your Pets Are Overweight

In 2017, the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention found 56% of dogs and 60% of cats are clinically overweight. This epidemic is putting pets at greater risk for certain cancers, kidney failure, diabetes, and puts excessive strain on their bones and joints. We can only blame ourselves for these shocking statistics. Most of the time, pet owners decide what their pets eat, and when. We might be substituting food for love and attention when we’re busy, or choosing foods that are marketed as “healthy” when they’re really not. Sometimes we don’t realize when our pets are overweight because we see[…]Read More…

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6 Reasons To Adopt A Senior Pet

6 Reasons To Adopt A Senior Pet

You’re ready to bring a new animal into your family, and maybe you can’t wait to raise a tiny, adorable puppy or kitten. For many families, a senior pet would be a perfect fit, though they’re often overlooked at shelters. You can even find a purebred pet from a breed-specific rescue. 1. Every senior has a story. Some adoptable senior pets were adored by their previous families but had to be given up due to a myriad of reasons. When someone loses their job, has a kid with allergies, adopts a younger pet, or has to move to a pet-free[…]Read More…

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My Puppy Is Skittish – How Can I Help Her Relax?

How To Help Your Skittish Puppy #puppytips

Bringing a puppy or dog into your home is exciting. You can’t wait to play with them, take them places, introduce them to your friends and family. But it can be disappointing when your puppy is fearful and doesn’t seem to enjoy new experiences. Behaviors That Indicate Fear It’s important to recognize signs that your puppy is feeling afraid or anxious. Some are obvious, some are not. Here are some ways you can tell: Flattened ears Tail tucked between legs Heavy panting and drooling Raised hackles along their spine Wide eyes Hiding/avoidance Urinating when approached or petted Snapping/aggression Why Some[…]Read More…

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7 Things We Do to Dogs That They Absolutely Hate

We as humans have several ways we show our pets love. Whether it be extra play time each day, a snuggly place to sleep or their favorite treats, we eagerly want to pamper our pets. Unfortunately, there are some actions that we perceive as showing affection which can sometimes turn Fido off; he’s just too polite to say so. Check out the 7 things we do to dogs that they absolutely hate. You will be surprised. # 1. Over Exuberant Hugging Although your canine companion may tolerate hugs from you, he may not be so receptive to those tight squeezes[…]Read More…

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Why Your Dog Is Red, Itchy, Smelly And Balding – Common Dog Skin Issues

itchy dog redness hair loss causes

It is not unusual to see your dog use a hind leg to give herself a long, relaxing scratch. But if your dog seems to lick or scratch excessively, they could be suffering from a medical issue. Redness, lesions, hair loss and a strange odor are all symptoms of an underlying condition. Here are some common causes of itching in dogs. You won’t be able to diagnose your dog on your own, but you can get some ideas so you’ll know what to ask at your next vet visit. Allergies Dogs, like people, can have allergic reactions to just about[…]Read More…

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How To Measure Your Dog For A Collar?

Dogs vary in shape and size depending on their breeds. A dog’s neck also varies in shape and size individually, with age and also according to the breed. When you are buying a collar for your dog, you need to measure the circumference of your pet’s neck. However, in doing so, there are some things you have to keep in mind. This is a general piece of advice on how to properly measure your dog’s neck before you buy a collar. The size of the collar is more important than the color or even type of the collar. Remember, if[…]Read More…

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How To Stop Your Dog From Chasing Chickens And Other Livestock

How To Stop Your Dog From Chasing Chickens and Livestock

Whether you raise chickens for a living or as pets, it’s extremely frustrating when your dog simply can’t stop chasing them. Your dog might just ruffle a few feathers, or may already be killing hens for sport. Either way, it’s a dangerous behavior that has to be stopped. Before You Get That Dog If you don’t already have a dog, you can start fresh with a working breed puppy with no history of chicken-chasing. If you get your puppy from a breeder who breeds working farm dogs, you can get a puppy that has been bred for working around chickens without[…]Read More…

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Why Hypoallergenic Small Dogs Are Best For Allergy Sufferers

Hypoallergenic dogs are more popular than ever before. From the white house to local pet lover’s house, everyone is talking about hypoallergenic dogs. What are hypoallergenic dogs? The common misconception is that hypoallergenic dogs are totally allergy free. The fact of the matter is, they are the breed of dogs that produce fewer allergens but are not totally allergens free. There are no dogs that are truly one hundred percent hypoallergenic. Not yet anyway 🙂 All allergists and vet dermatologists agree that cross breeding of dogs to produce true hypoallergenic ones have not been totally successful. Another common misunderstanding.. Another common[…]Read More…

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What Every Dog Owner Should Know About Heartworm Disease

It’s the first of the month, and you reach into your dog’s box of heartworm medication only to find that they’re out of pills.  Heartworm medication is just another expense of pet ownership. You don’t know any dogs who have actually had heartworms – what’s the harm in skipping a month or two? As it turns out, heartworm disease is much more common than you might think. It’s cheap and easy to prevent, but expensive and dangerous to cure. There’s also a few risks associated with monthly preventatives. Read on to find out everything you need to know to make[…]Read More…

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Which Dog Bones Are Safe? Finding The Perfect Chew Bone For Your Aggressive Chewer

Which dog bones are safe? What you need to know about giving your dog any kind of bone: rawhide, raw meaty bones, Yak chews and more.

Dogs need to chew. When they chew shoes, furniture, and other forbidden objects, they’re working their jaws and cleaning their teeth, just like nature intended. Giving your dog appropriate bones to chew on is the easiest way to break down plaque and provide mental stimulation. And yet, not all dog bones are safe. Some are more dangerous than others. Here’s what you should know about feeding your dog any type of bone: Some Dog Bones Are ALWAYS Dangerous You should steer clear of hard plastic or nylon bones such as those from Nylabone. It says right on the package that,[…]Read More…

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How To Get Your Dog To Poop Outside Every Time

How to potty train your dog so they poop outside every time - make your dog poop faster, eliminate night accidents and get your dog fully housetrained.

Yet again, you just narrowly missed stepping in a log of dog poop inside your own home. Your dog may be great at peeing outside, but #2 is a different story. Use these tips to break the habit and get your dog 100% potty trained. Know Your Dog’s Poop Schedule A dog has a short digestive tract compared to a human. They need to poop only 10-30 minutes after each meal. If you free-feed, or leave your dog’s bowl full of food for them to graze on throughout the day, they won’t have regular, predictable poops. Feed a puppy 3[…]Read More…

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What You Should Know About Food Allergies In Dogs

What You Should Know About Food Allergies In Dogs - Symptoms. solutions and causes

Food allergies in dogs are incredibly common, yet few dog owners realize that their dogs are silently suffering. We mistakenly think it’s normal when our dogs spend hours each night licking their paws. We don’t take notice when our dogs give off strange odors. It’s not until their skin is inflamed, scabbed and flaky that we begin to worry. A dog is not supposed to be itchy and smelly. Dogs shouldn’t be scratching all day long, and they shouldn’t lick their paws all night. Dogs also shouldn’t suffer from frequent gas, vomiting and soft stools. If you suspect your dog has food[…]Read More…

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Do As I Do Dog Training – A New Way To Teach Your Dog

do as i do social learning dog training

A room full of dog-trainer teams looks on as the trainer in the center of the room walks up to a ball, picks it up, and drops it. “Do it!” she says, and her dog, miraculously, copies her exact actions. The room erupts in cheers and laughter – not because it’s funny, but because it’s just so amazing. This post contains affiliate links. I Love Pets will receive a small commission when you purchase a product through these links at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support. After thousands of years of domestication, we sometimes feel as though[…]Read More…

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5 Easy Tricks To Teach Your Dog

5 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog - in time for the holidays.

The holidays are right around the corner, and you need to teach your dog a new trick or two to impress visiting family members. Wondering what your dog can learn in just a few short, easy sessions? Here are 5 totally cute, super easy tricks to teach your dog. Your family will fall in love with your pup as they perform these adorable feats! Trick Training Fundamentals… Use a tempting treat to motivate your dog. Work in short, easy steps. If your dog makes mistakes, do not correct them or say “no,” as they’ll get frustrated and stressed; just make it[…]Read More…