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5 Easy Tricks To Teach Your Dog

5 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog - in time for the holidays.

The holidays are right around the corner, and you need to teach your dog a new trick or two to impress visiting family members. Wondering what your dog can learn in just a few short, easy sessions? Here are 5 totally cute, super easy tricks to teach your dog. Your family will fall in love with your pup as they perform these adorable feats!

Trick Training Fundamentals…

Use a tempting treat to motivate your dog. Work in short, easy steps. If your dog makes mistakes, do not correct them or say “no,” as they’ll get frustrated and stressed; just make it easier. Stop the training session if your dog shows signs of stress.

1. Sit Pretty

Teach your dog to sit pretty“Sit pretty” is more than a cute trick – it’s an important workout that strengthens your dog’s core, preventing back issues and stiffness as your dog ages. Some dogs naturally sit up when they want a treat, while others find it difficult to stay balanced. If your dog quickly topples over, you’ll need to work in short sessions and support them until their core muscles become stronger.

To Teach Sit Pretty:

Have your dog sit. Hold a treat or toy just in front of their nose, just high enough above their head so that they reach for it. Say “Yes!” or mark their behavior with a clicker, then give them the reward.

Then, hold the treat just an inch higher, and praise/reward the behavior when your dog makes any effort to reach towards the treat.

After a few attempts, begin to praise/click and reward your dog the moment one or both paw lifts off the ground. Up the stakes with each attempt.

Decide if you’d like your dog to Sit Pretty with their paws up, or close to their chest.

Only after you start to get a consistent behavior, you can begin to say “Sit Pretty!” You can teach a hand sign at the same time. Dogs are better at understanding visual cues than words.


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