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5 Easy Tricks To Teach Your Dog

5 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog - in time for the holidays.

4. Play Dead

Teach your dog to play deadYou can teach your dog to roll over or play dead by capturing their favorite sleeping position. Some dogs hate to lie on their backs. Don’t bother trying to train your dog to lay in a position they are not comfortable with. It may be easier to teach this trick on a carpet or sofa, rather than a hard surface.

It may be tough to get your dog to lay down once they catch a whiff of your treats. Speak softly, using as little physical manipulation as possible to get your dog into the desired position. It’s easier for your dog to learn if you do not touch them. Some dogs dislike being forced, even if you do not handle them roughly.

If your dog is too excited over the food to lay down, try again using a lower value treat. Kibble or dry biscuits may be a more appropriate reward.

You’ll need to teach your dog to stay “dead” until they are released or they will bounce up too quickly.

At first, wait for just a half-second before you say, “Good!” and give the dog a treat.

Gradually increase the time period before you release the dog. Once your dog can hold the position for 10 seconds, you can begin to add distractions. Your dog may bounce up prematurely if they see you reaching for a treat or stepping away from them. Practice until your dog only gets up when you say it’s okay. If your dog does fail to wait, simply have them lay down again and try again, setting your expectations back a few steps.

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