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How to Keep Your Pets Safe on Your Deck

The summer heat is here and our decks are ready for family, friends, sunbathing, barbeques, and of course, hanging out with our pets!

While our pups love watching us barbeque on the deck or our cats enjoy basking in the sun, as pet owners we need to make sure they are completely safe. As amazing as our decks are, they can be dangerous. However, danger can be easily prevented! Let your dogs and cats be protected and happy this summer with these tips to keep your pets safe on your deck!

Tip 1: Check the deck’s temperature

Whether your deck is wood, composite, or PVC it’s important to check the surface temperature. Be cautious and use the back of your hand to see if the deck is hot. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pet’s precious paws.

Tip 2: Look for loose screws, nails, and fasteners

Keep your pet safe by checking the deck for nails, screws, or fasteners that may be loose. If you find rusty nails or loose screws it could be a sign of a larger issue with your deck. Call a professional to fix the issues and to avoid hurting yourself or damaging your deck further.

Tip 3: Check for signs of deck damage

It’s important to keep both yourself and your pets safe by checking for signs of damage to your deck. Signs like cracked wood, mold, mushroom growth, loose railings, or pest damage need to be addressed immediately by a professional. You can learn more about deck damage from Redfin.

Tip 4: Clean the barbeque grease trap

Grease from hamburgers and hotdogs will smell amazing to your dog. Avoid them ingesting other barbeque chemicals or burning themselves on hot grease by frequently cleaning the grease trap.

Tip 5: Block off steep steps with a gate

Avoid your pet falling down the stairs or escaping the deck to run after a deer with a gate. Use a gate to keep your pet from running away, falling off a high deck, or encountering wildlife.

Tip 6: Provide opportunities for shade and water

Decks get hot in cloudy cities like Portland or sunny cities like Phoenix. If Buddy or Felix are outside, make sure to provide them with adequate shade, water, and be able to recognize if they are getting too hot.

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