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Pet CPR And First Aid – How To Care For Your Pet In An Emergency

Pet First Aid Basics How To Check Vitals And Keep Your Cat Or Dog Stable

What would you do if your pet’s life was in danger? Any pet can have a medical emergency, no matter their age or health condition. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to access emergency veterinary services, especially because there are so few emergency 24-hour vets, and even fewer pet ambulance services. Every pet owner should know first aid. You should know how to take your pet’s vitals, how to keep them stable in an emergency, and when to seek further veterinary care. How To Read Vital Signs In Pets It’s easy to read your pet’s vital signs. You can practice on[…]Read More…

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Pet Poison Awareness – What You Should Know To Keep Your Pets Safe

Pet Poison Awareness - Household Toxins

It’s devastating to discover that your pet has eaten something toxic. Not only is it a scary, sometimes fatal medical emergency – it’s often preventable. Though it can happen to anyone, you can greatly reduce your pet’s chances of being poisoned by knowing about the most common toxins, and how you can keep your pet safe from them. According to the ASPCA, the top toxins ingested by pets are: Prescription medications. Commonly ingested prescription human medications include blood pressure pills, medications for depression and sleep aids, all of which are extremely toxic to pets, even in small amounts. Take care[…]Read More…

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The Ultimate Guide To Your Dog’s Dental Health

The Ultimate Guide To Your Dog's Dental Health

Does your dog have stinky breath and yellow tartar buildup on their teeth? Taking care of your dog’s dental health means more than fresher kisses. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, about 80 percent of dogs will have some stage of gum disease by age 2. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss, oral pain, and infection that can spread to the jaw, and even lead to blindness. Harmful bacteria can spread through the bloodstream and put a strain on your dog’s entire body – leading to chronic kidney disease, diabetes and heart failure. You can save your dog from[…]Read More…

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Meet The Boerboel – The South African Farmer’s Dog

Meet the Boerboel, South African Farmer Dog

Have you ever met a Boerboel? These big, stunning dogs have been a loyal guardian to South African farmers for over 400 years, and in the past decade, they’ve won hearts all over the world with their warm, intelligent eyes and gentle prowess. What IS A Boerboel? Though the Boerboel became an AKC-recognized breed in 2015, they have been around for at least 400 years. As Europeans settled in Africa in the 1650s, they brought with them a variety of working dogs – foxhounds, greyhounds, mastiffs, pointers, bulldogs and terriers, all of which may have interbred with native African pariah dogs[…]Read More…

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How To Choose Between Grain-Free And Grain-Inclusive Pet Food

In recent years, pet foods have become complicated, to say the least.  With so many different formulas to choose from, dozens of new brands, and very little information on the label besides flashy marketing terms, you might feel like shopping for pet food has become extremely overwhelming. Here’s what you need to know when choosing the right food for your pet: Ingredients In Grain-Free And Grain-Inclusive Pet Foods The “grains” in grain-inclusive pet foods are usually corn, rice, wheat and barley. Grain-free pet foods contain other sources of carbohydrates that are included as an energy source and to hold the[…]Read More…

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How To Tell If Your Pets Are At A Healthy Weight

How To Tell If Your Pets Are Overweight

In 2017, the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention found 56% of dogs and 60% of cats are clinically overweight. This epidemic is putting pets at greater risk for certain cancers, kidney failure, diabetes, and puts excessive strain on their bones and joints. We can only blame ourselves for these shocking statistics. Most of the time, pet owners decide what their pets eat, and when. We might be substituting food for love and attention when we’re busy, or choosing foods that are marketed as “healthy” when they’re really not. Sometimes we don’t realize when our pets are overweight because we see[…]Read More…

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Are Essential Oils Safe For Pets?

Are Essential Oils Safe For Pets?

Essential oils can be a wonderful alternative to traditional treatments for anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, allergies, pain and many other conditions – not only for people but our pets too. However, it can be unsafe to use certain oils, concentrations and application methods because animals, particularly cats, tend to be more sensitive to the concentrated chemical compounds they contain (yes, even natural products contain “chemicals”). Here are a few things you should know before using a new essential oil treatment in your home: Which Essential Oils Are Harmful To Pets? Essential oils are derived from plants. Just one ounce of oil[…]Read More…

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How To Keep Your Dog And Cat Warm This Winter

How To Keep Your Pets Warm This Winter

Dogs and cats may wear a warm coat of fur, but they can still be vulnerable to cold weather. This is especially true for breeds that do not have a double coat, and those with short fur and areas of skin with little or no fur at all. During the winter, pets are prone to hypothermia, frostbite, inflammation and dry, itchy skin. You can protect them from the elements by keeping them warm indoors and making sure they have the right gear when they spend time outside. Why Your Cat Should Stay Indoors Regardless of the weather, you should keep[…]Read More…

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Why Your Dog Is Red, Itchy, Smelly And Balding – Common Dog Skin Issues

itchy dog redness hair loss causes

It is not unusual to see your dog use a hind leg to give herself a long, relaxing scratch. But if your dog seems to lick or scratch excessively, they could be suffering from a medical issue. Redness, lesions, hair loss and a strange odor are all symptoms of an underlying condition. Here are some common causes of itching in dogs. You won’t be able to diagnose your dog on your own, but you can get some ideas so you’ll know what to ask at your next vet visit. Allergies Dogs, like people, can have allergic reactions to just about[…]Read More…

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Fleas On Pets – Remedies, Myths And Prevention

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On #Pets - About Chemical And Natural Remedies

You notice a tiny black dot on your pet’s fur, but before you can reach for it, it disappears into your pet’s coat or leaps into the air. Sometimes, you won’t be able to see the fleas on your pets, but they’ll be miserably itchy and may have flea dirt – flea droppings that consist of your pet’s blood, appearing as black pepper-like flakes – on their skin. Why Fleas Are So Hard To Get Rid Of You can use multiple methods of control to kill every flea you see – but if you’re not exterminating the ones you can’t see,[…]Read More…

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What You Should Know About Arthritis In Pets

What You Should Know About Arthritis In #Pets

It happens in stages. First, you notice that your pet takes a few moments to get out of bed in the morning. Then you notice they’re no longer charging ahead on walks the way they used to. Easy jumps have become a struggle, and you’re beginning to notice that your pet is suffering during normal activities. Up to 90 percent of cats over 12 years old have arthritis, and a similar number of senior dogs suffer from it, too. It seems inevitable; if your pet lives to an old age, you’ll see some signs of pain and stiffness in at[…]Read More…

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Ticks On Pets – Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention

Pets like dogs and cats are likely to get ticks if they go outdoors even for a short period. When ticks attach themselves to a host, they can transmit infection within 24 to 48 hours. That is why you have to be prompt in removing these parasites. As a matter of fact, a Tick Check should be part of your everyday pet care routine especially if you have wooded areas or long grass nearby. Ticks are Ectoparasites, meaning they are the parasites that live outside of the host animal. Identifying one is not hard because they have some unique characteristics.[…]Read More…

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What Every Dog Owner Should Know About Heartworm Disease

It’s the first of the month, and you reach into your dog’s box of heartworm medication only to find that they’re out of pills.  Heartworm medication is just another expense of pet ownership. You don’t know any dogs who have actually had heartworms – what’s the harm in skipping a month or two? As it turns out, heartworm disease is much more common than you might think. It’s cheap and easy to prevent, but expensive and dangerous to cure. There’s also a few risks associated with monthly preventatives. Read on to find out everything you need to know to make[…]Read More…

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Which Dog Bones Are Safe? Finding The Perfect Chew Bone For Your Aggressive Chewer

Which dog bones are safe? What you need to know about giving your dog any kind of bone: rawhide, raw meaty bones, Yak chews and more.

Dogs need to chew. When they chew shoes, furniture, and other forbidden objects, they’re working their jaws and cleaning their teeth, just like nature intended. Giving your dog appropriate bones to chew on is the easiest way to break down plaque and provide mental stimulation. And yet, not all dog bones are safe. Some are more dangerous than others. Here’s what you should know about feeding your dog any type of bone: Some Dog Bones Are ALWAYS Dangerous You should steer clear of hard plastic or nylon bones such as those from Nylabone. It says right on the package that,[…]Read More…

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All About Puppy And Kitten Vaccinations In Grand Prairie, Texas

Grand Prairie veterinarians for puppy and kitten vaccinations

You brought home a new addition to your family, and you want to keep them healthy for a long time. The best way to get your pet off to a good start is to get their vaccinations as soon as possible. It’s easy and affordable to have your dog or cat vaccinated in Grand Prairie, Texas. Why And When To Take Your Puppy To Your Grand Prairie Vet Ideally, your puppy will receive their first set of shots at 6 weeks old, before they are separated from their mother. If your puppy’s previous owner did not get them any shots,[…]Read More…

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What You Should Know About Food Allergies In Dogs

What You Should Know About Food Allergies In Dogs - Symptoms. solutions and causes

Food allergies in dogs are incredibly common, yet few dog owners realize that their dogs are silently suffering. We mistakenly think it’s normal when our dogs spend hours each night licking their paws. We don’t take notice when our dogs give off strange odors. It’s not until their skin is inflamed, scabbed and flaky that we begin to worry. A dog is not supposed to be itchy and smelly. Dogs shouldn’t be scratching all day long, and they shouldn’t lick their paws all night. Dogs also shouldn’t suffer from frequent gas, vomiting and soft stools. If you suspect your dog has food[…]Read More…

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What’s Growing On My Dog? Common Canine Lumps And Bumps

What's Growing On My Dog? Common Canine Lumps And Bumps

You’re petting your dog, and you feel something that wasn’t there before. It might be soft, hard, round or oblong. It might be covered with hair or completely bald. It might be alone or appear in groups. Get to know some of the common growths that appear on dogs. This list isn’t meant to help you make a diagnosis – it should instead inspire you to seek treatment, as most lumps and bumps are easily curable and will not affect your dog’s lifespan. Should You See A Vet? Ideally, you should see a vet as soon as you notice anything[…]Read More…

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5 Possible Reasons Why Dog Eats Poop and How to Stop It

The consumption of feces, Coprophagia, is probably one of the grossest things you seen your dog do. If you own a dog or ever had a dog, you should know that this is one of the most hideous crimes your pooch can commit. Imagine you strolling in a park with your dog and all of a sudden it sniffs something on the ground and starts licking it. Later you realize that was poop it licked and you can’t help but exclaim with a remark “OMG disgusting”! I am sure most of you have experienced this situation. I know I have[…]Read More…

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5 Top Reasons Why Your Dog May Have A Dry Nose

At times, dogs do encounter dry nose. Dry nose can be a normal thing or it may be a matter of concern. I own two dogs and dry nose is always one of the major concerns I have with them, especially during winter. As far as my knowledge goes, dogs usually have wet nose which generally is an indication that everything is working fine. So when I felt that my bulldog is encountering dry nose issues, I had to take some steps to know the reasons behind it. I called up the vet and asked for an appointment. When I[…]Read More…

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Grape and Raisin Poisoning in Dogs. Sweets can be bitter!

The very first question that can mingle in your mind is, “how can a fruit be poisonous?” We all have fruits right? The lovely, sweet taste of grapes just can’t take your hands off it. So, why doesn’t it apply to dogs? Dear friends, if this would have been the case, why don’t we have kibbles? The conclusion is not all foods suit dogs (nor us!). There are certain foods that should never be kept in front of them. Chances are they might gulp it before you warn him. Your vet might have given you a do’s and don’ts chart[…]Read More…

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The Scoop On Keeping Dogs As Pets

Dogs are the most popular pet in the world. They are not only highly social and intelligent but also very loyal and devoted. Dogs <Canis familiaris> are exceptional as pets. First domesticated from gray wolves at least 17,000 years ago, their history dates back to about 150,000 years based on DNA evidence and genetic fossil records. After they were first domesticated, hundreds of different dog breeds have emerged with great variations from behaviors, size and shapes to colors and patterns. Dogs are loving, playful, friendly and ideal companion to humans. They protect their turf and the owners. In fact, they[…]Read More…

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Pancreatitis In Dogs – Causes, Types, Symptoms And Treatments

The inflammation of the pancreas is known as pancreatitis. Pancreatitis in dogs can be life threatening if it gets severe. Pancreatitis in dogs can happen suddenly (acute) or over a period of time (chronic). Both could be life threatening as the digestive enzymes can leak out of the pancreas during this time. What is Pancreas? Pancreas is a glandular organ situated between the stomach and first part of the small intestine (duodenum). It is an integral part of the endocrine and digestive system. It has two main functions. One is the production of pancreatic enzymes for the digestion of nutrients and[…]Read More…