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Why You Should Ditch Your Cat’s Food Bowl

Why You Should Ditch Your Cat's Food Bowl

Our cats are lucky. As skilled hunters, they once risked their lives going after live prey. Now, all they have to do is meow loudly and persistently to make sure their meals are always on time, delivered from pet store, to bag, to food bowl. This pampered lifestyle is not optimal for our cats, though they’d happily protest otherwise. About 58.3% of US cats are overweight. Many are in danger of being given up to shelters because of stress and boredom-related behavioral issues such as scratching and relieving themselves outside the litter box. Making your cat work for their food can[…]Read More…

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Do As I Do Dog Training – A New Way To Teach Your Dog

do as i do social learning dog training

A room full of dog-trainer teams looks on as the trainer in the center of the room walks up to a ball, picks it up, and drops it. “Do it!” she says, and her dog, miraculously, copies her exact actions. The room erupts in cheers and laughter – not because it’s funny, but because it’s just so amazing. This post contains affiliate links. I Love Pets will receive a small commission when you purchase a product through these links at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support. After thousands of years of domestication, we sometimes feel as though[…]Read More…

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Why Spraying A Cat With Water Doesn’t Work (Do THIS Instead!)

Using a spray bottle to train your cat won't solve bad behavior - but there's many great alternatives that won't ruin your relationship

It’s the suggestion you’ll see in many articles, blogs, books and even TV shows – if your cat is doing something wrong, fill a spray bottle with plain water and give them the swift squirt of justice. Spraying your cat with water seems to work. The cat will almost always run out of the room – stopping the very behavior you wanted to discourage. However, this is not an effective long-term training solution. There’re many alternatives that will teach your cat even faster, without destroying your relationship with them. When Water Spraying Doesn’t Work Punishment can stop problem behaviors. That’s why so[…]Read More…

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Can Cats And Dogs Live Together?

Can cats and dogs live together in peace? Despite their differences, they can become best friends.

Are you a cat person, or are you a dog person?  If you love both, you don’t have to choose. With a good understanding of both species, you can have a peaceful multi-species household full of animal best friends. It’s true that cats and dogs don’t typically get along. Their body language is different, leading to communication barriers. Their instincts may drive them to chase, flee or fight. But they’re not so different that they cannot learn to understand one another and become friends. Here’s why: They have one thing in common. They love humans. Cats and dogs evolved alongside us.[…]Read More…