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How To Choose Between Grain-Free And Grain-Inclusive Pet Food

In recent years, pet foods have become complicated, to say the least.  With so many different formulas to choose from, dozens of new brands, and very little information on the label besides flashy marketing terms, you might feel like shopping for pet food has become extremely overwhelming. Here’s what you need to know when choosing the right food for your pet: Ingredients In Grain-Free And Grain-Inclusive Pet Foods The “grains” in grain-inclusive pet foods are usually corn, rice, wheat and barley. Grain-free pet foods contain other sources of carbohydrates that are included as an energy source and to hold the[…]Read More…

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Why You Should Ditch Your Cat’s Food Bowl

Why You Should Ditch Your Cat's Food Bowl

Our cats are lucky. As skilled hunters, they once risked their lives going after live prey. Now, all they have to do is meow loudly and persistently to make sure their meals are always on time, delivered from pet store, to bag, to food bowl. This pampered lifestyle is not optimal for our cats, though they’d happily protest otherwise. About 58.3% of US cats are overweight. Many are in danger of being given up to shelters because of stress and boredom-related behavioral issues such as scratching and relieving themselves outside the litter box. Making your cat work for their food can[…]Read More…