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5 Easy Tricks To Teach Your Dog

5 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog - in time for the holidays.

 3. Speak

teach your dog to speak on commandWarning: once your dog learns to Speak, they’ll become much more talkative. You’ll find yourself having conversations with your dog as they learn how easy it is to get your attention. Yet, teaching your dog to speak is the first step to teaching them the command “quiet,” so it’s worthwhile even if you already have a dog that barks too much.

It may be challenging, at first, to catch your dog barking so you can capture the behavior and turn it into a trick. Most dogs will start to bark if you have a handful of chopped chicken or hot dogs. They’ll begin to get a little frustrated when you don’t give up the treat. That’s when they’ll start to chuff, or make a quiet noise. Reward your dog when they make those tiny sounds. In no time, they’ll get louder and louder when they realize that you’re rewarding their bark.

You can also get your dog going by barking at them. You’ll sound silly, but it’s great fun to Speak to your dog in their own language.

lightbulb Waste no time in teaching “quiet” – you can begin during the same session. Hold your finger to your lips and whisper, “quiet.” Your dog will notice your quiet tone. The moment they stop barking, praise and reward.

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