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7 Things We Do to Dogs That They Absolutely Hate

We as humans have several ways we show our pets love. Whether it be extra play time each day, a snuggly place to sleep or their favorite treats, we eagerly want to pamper our pets.

Unfortunately, there are some actions that we perceive as showing affection which can sometimes turn Fido off; he’s just too polite to say so.

Check out the 7 things we do to dogs that they absolutely hate. You will be surprised.

# 1. Over Exuberant Hugging

Although your canine companion may tolerate hugs from you, he may not be so receptive to those tight squeezes from a stranger or a child. This is because dogs weren’t genetically programmed to exhibit the hugging motion. When a dog puts its paws or body on another dog, it is usually to dominate or to control the animal.

For this reason, it’s best not to let strangers or unrelated children hug your pooch. Instead, encourage them to gently stroke his head and back.

# 2. Yelling

When your dog messes up your first instinct may be to yell at him. This human trait may serve well in other areas of life, but when it comes to our furry friends, it’s just plain wrong.

The problem with showing our displeasure through a raised voice is the canine species perceives it as angry barking, which in dog-speak means, trouble.

Trainers have discovered that yelling at your dog doesn’t work; it only serves to scare, agitate and confuse the situation.

For better results, try lowering the tone of your voice when Fido is naughty. Dogs understand a deeper tone means, “pay attention,” while a lighter more playful tone means “good dog.”

# 3. Teasing

I’m sure every adult can remember a time in their childhood when they were teased. Most likely this left you feeling insecure, frustrated and even sad. The same goes for our canine pals.

Children can be the biggest perpetrators of this behavior. Pulling on the dog’s ears, fur, tail, moving the food dish while he’s eating or playing keep away and never letting the dog have the toy are all considered teasing.

These actions can leave your dog frustrated and over time can build into insecurity, shyness or even aggressive behavior.

Lay off the teasing and instead reward your pooch for good behavior.

# 4. Being Inconsistent

Can I or can’t I?

This is probably what your dog would say if he could talk.

Perhaps, one of the biggest mistakes pet parents make with their pooch is inconsistency. Dogs learn by repetition, so if you allow Fido to jump on you when you arrive home, but not on Grandma, he’s going to be left confused and frustrated.

The canine species is eager to please, so decide what you want him to do and not to do, then stick with it. If jumping on Grandma is not permitted then don’t allow the behavior with more sturdy family members.

# 5. Being Alone Too Much

We know the canine species is a social creature, so when your dog is forced to be alone for long periods-of-time, he’s not going to be happy. When we bring a dog into our home, he considers us his pack members and therefore, he wants to spend time with us.

Dogs that are left outside, in a crate or the home for 10 or more hours each day can develop psychological and behavioral issues. These include separation anxiety, excessive digging or barking, destructive tendencies or escaping. Some dogs may even lose their potty training skills.

If you work long hours, do yourself and your pooch a favor and hire a dog walker or come home on your break to let Fido out, to give him a treat and some well-deserved love.

# 6. Interrupted Sleep

Who wants to be awoken from a deep sleep or a beautiful dream? Dogs are the same, even the nicest of pooches don’t want their sleep interrupted.

Let sleeping dogs lie, especially if they are seniors. Older canines need more rest and are sometimes hard of hearing so he may not hear you approach. This can startle your old timer.

To prevent this from happening, let your dog wake up naturally without touching or sneaking up. Children should also be taught when Fido is resting; they need to leave him be.

# 7. Overcrowded Dog Parks & Doggy Daycares

One of the worst feelings is getting into an overcrowded elevator. Even if you’re not claustrophobic, too many people invading your personal space can be annoying.

Even though dogs are social creatures, crowded dog parks or doggy daycares can put your pet on the defensive. These postures include pinned back ears, avoidance, yawning and carrying the tail low.

Some dogs can handle a lot of roughhousing by their fellow playmates, while others cannot. To avoid any doggy disputes, go to the dog park on the off times and choose daycares that only take a small number of pooches.

Stop Being Annoying!

Who knew our lovable fur buddies could be so picky? Now that we’ve uncovered our unintentional follies, we can work at being better pet parents. Of course, every dog is going to be different, so watch for the signs that you’re getting on your dog’s nerves, then work at curbing those habits. Your canine companion will be happy you did.

About The Author: Alexandra Seagal is the founder of Animalso, a website dedicated to helping pet owners be more knowledgeable on responsible pet ownership.

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