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My Puppy Is Skittish – How Can I Help Her Relax?

How To Help Your Skittish Puppy #puppytips

Bringing a puppy or dog into your home is exciting. You can’t wait to play with them, take them places, introduce them to your friends and family. But it can be disappointing when your puppy is fearful and doesn’t seem to enjoy new experiences. Behaviors That Indicate Fear It’s important to recognize signs that your puppy is feeling afraid or anxious. Some are obvious, some are not. Here are some ways you can tell: Flattened ears Tail tucked between legs Heavy panting and drooling Raised hackles along their spine Wide eyes Hiding/avoidance Urinating when approached or petted Snapping/aggression Why Some[…]Read More…

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Why Do Dogs Bite And How To Prevent It?

Dogs, like majority of other animals guide themselves using their intuition. As they acquire enough information about the world/surroundings, they start shaping their reactions accordingly. Since genetics also play an important role in the behavior of an individual, some of these impulses can also be acquired or inherited. So, these aggressive impulses can also vary with different breeds. The most aggressive impulses are connected with the early life experiences or behaviors in all animals including puppies. Their first puppy response to a stimulus is not a finished behavior. They are always in progress of learning about their surroundings. Without much[…]Read More…