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5 Top Reasons Why Your Dog May Have A Dry Nose

At times, dogs do encounter dry nose. Dry nose can be a normal thing or it may be a matter of concern.

I own two dogs and dry nose is always one of the major concerns I have with them, especially during winter.

As far as my knowledge goes, dogs usually have wet nose which generally is an indication that everything is working fine.

So when I felt that my bulldog is encountering dry nose issues, I had to take some steps to know the reasons behind it.

I called up the vet and asked for an appointment. When I visited the vet he said that nothing is wrong with my bulldog. The reason for the dry nose was being too close to the heater duct. Phew!

He explained me the reasons behind dry nose and that is what I would like to share with you today.

  1. Is your dog more comfortable near the heater?

When winter arrives, dogs love to sit or lie near warm places. What can be better than in front of the heater when it is cold; right?

Dogs love spending most of the time sleeping and relaxing near the heater. They love when warm air blows on their face. Now this could be one of the possible reasons for the nose getting dry.

The closer they are to the heater, the higher is the chance for their nose getting cracked. Yes, cracking is a major issue that many dogs encounter.

It is probably best to keep them away from the heater and offer them blanket or anything else warm. If you really need to turn on a heater, don’t let them sit too close to it.

If you see your dog with the dry/cracked nose, dab some petroleum jelly.

I tried it on my dog and it worked wonders!

  1. Your dog greets you ‘good morning’ with a dry nose?

Okay, this is a very normal scenario. There is nothing to be tensed about.

When a dog is in a slumber state, he really can’t lick his nose, making the nose dry for that duration.

Your dog will be back to his wet nose within 10 minutes.

However, if you see that the dry nose persists even after an hour you need to call the vet.

This can be a serious issue and should always be avoided.

  1. Is your dog suffering from allergies?

We all suffer from allergies, don’t we? It is an irksome situation.

Dogs are often attacked by a variety of allergies and this in turn makes their nose dry.

At such point in time it is best to visit the vet and ask for medications.

Do not try to do DIY (do it yourself) treatments here, as you may not really know the type of allergy your dog is suffering from.

You can dab either petroleum jelly, coconut oil, nose balm or nose butter on their nose, continuously to see if the nose heals. If not, take them to the vet.

These are some great remedies to get rid of the dry nose. But hey, don’t forget to treat the allergy too!

  1. Sunburn could be the factor:
Sunburn in Dog.

We take precautions when we go out in the sun, right? We either use an umbrella or a sunscreen lotion to avoid sunburn.

In the same way, dogs too have sunburn and their nose is highly likely the target area.

Whenever you are out for a walk with your dog on a sunny day try protecting your dog from the harmful UV rays.

Nontoxic pet sun block cream works great. It helps protect your dog’s nose and exposed skin from getting dry and withered.

You can find sun block creams which are non-toxic in nature in your local pet stores. Alternatively you can also buy them online.

  1. Is your dog suffering from dehydration? 

You know how our lips get dried at times and we continuously apply lip balm to keep it moist.

Lips get dry with dehydration. Similarly, one of the reasons for dry nose could be dehydration.

It is best to gulp in some water to keep our body moist and hydrated at all times. The same goes for our adorable

Most likely, the next time you notice that your dog’s nose is dry; dehydration could very likely be the culprit.

That is why it is very important to offer clean water to your dog all the time.

If you notice your dog suffering from a cracked nose and the above mentioned simple treatments don’t work, it is best to consult a vet.

This can be a serious issue so don’t wait till the last moment. Talking action quickly will save your dog a lot of agony and you a lot of money.

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