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Pet Poison Awareness – What You Should Know To Keep Your Pets Safe

Pet Poison Awareness - Household Toxins

It’s devastating to discover that your pet has eaten something toxic. Not only is it a scary, sometimes fatal medical emergency – it’s often preventable. Though it can happen to anyone, you can greatly reduce your pet’s chances of being poisoned by knowing about the most common toxins, and how you can keep your pet safe from them. According to the ASPCA, the top toxins ingested by pets are: Prescription medications. Commonly ingested prescription human medications include blood pressure pills, medications for depression and sleep aids, all of which are extremely toxic to pets, even in small amounts. Take care[…]Read More…

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Plants Poisonous To Pets (Series #1) : African Evergreen

Plants are great additions to any house or apartments. Whether inside or outside, a lot of plants and pets can live alongside in harmony. However, there are plants that pose some kind of threat to pets. Oftentimes some curious pets venture to try the plants and suffer the consequences. Sadly, educating pet animals to keep them away from this kind of danger is nearly impossible. Over the holidays, that is exactly what happened. My Dachshund ‘Rooga’ chewed on the African Evergreen plants I had on my balcony. I had no idea that African Evergreens were poisonous to dogs and even worse[…]Read More…