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The Best Ways To Pamper All Your Pets This Holiday Season

How To Pamper Your Pets This Holiday Season

At ‘’, we believe that pets are family. We know that all our readers and customers (from Grand Prairie, Texas to all over the United States) are planning to include all pets, big and small, in the festivities. You just can’t wait to pamper your pets, a bit more than what you usually do, this holiday season. So, here are some creative ways you can make the holidays special for your pets: Prepare A Warm Beverage Don’t you love hot cocoa or hot cider on a cold winter night? Your pets will love their own healthy hot beverages, especially if[…]Read More…

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What You Should Know About Arthritis In Pets

What You Should Know About Arthritis In #Pets

It happens in stages. First, you notice that your pet takes a few moments to get out of bed in the morning. Then you notice they’re no longer charging ahead on walks the way they used to. Easy jumps have become a struggle, and you’re beginning to notice that your pet is suffering during normal activities. Up to 90 percent of cats over 12 years old have arthritis, and a similar number of senior dogs suffer from it, too. It seems inevitable; if your pet lives to an old age, you’ll see some signs of pain and stiffness in at[…]Read More…

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Rabies: What Pet Owners Need To Know?

All warm-blooded animals are vulnerable to infection with rabies virus, but mammals are to be blamed for spreading the disease. The appearance of the infection is influenced by the quantity of virus inoculated, and the bite site. The most susceptible species are: foxes, coyotes, jackals, wolves and rodents. Among the domestic animals are susceptible: rabbits, cows, dogs, sheep, goats and horses. Cats have a natural resistance; the infection among cats is much lower than in dogs. Younger animals are usually more susceptible to rabies infection than are older ones. The disease is nearly always caused by the bite of an[…]Read More…