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Dog Stress Signs Most People Miss

These stress signs means your dog needs your help.

“It was so sudden,” they always say. “He attacked her out of nowhere.” So many children and adults suffer from dog bites that seemingly occur out of the blue. Of course, this is rarely the full story. Dogs give off many signs of stress before they resort to a bite. When a dog is in a situation that makes him feel overwhelmingly scared, he simply can’t help but bite to get out of it. It’s tragic. Dogs are typically euthanized after severe bites, even if they have no history of aggression. It’s also understandable; few people would feel safe living[…]Read More…

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Why Do Dogs Bite And How To Prevent It?

Dogs, like majority of other animals guide themselves using their intuition. As they acquire enough information about the world/surroundings, they start shaping their reactions accordingly. Since genetics also play an important role in the behavior of an individual, some of these impulses can also be acquired or inherited. So, these aggressive impulses can also vary with different breeds. The most aggressive impulses are connected with the early life experiences or behaviors in all animals including puppies. Their first puppy response to a stimulus is not a finished behavior. They are always in progress of learning about their surroundings. Without much[…]Read More…

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The Scoop On Keeping Dogs As Pets

Dogs are the most popular pet in the world. They are not only highly social and intelligent but also very loyal and devoted. Dogs <Canis familiaris> are exceptional as pets. First domesticated from gray wolves at least 17,000 years ago, their history dates back to about 150,000 years based on DNA evidence and genetic fossil records. After they were first domesticated, hundreds of different dog breeds have emerged with great variations from behaviors, size and shapes to colors and patterns. Dogs are loving, playful, friendly and ideal companion to humans. They protect their turf and the owners. In fact, they[…]Read More…