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The Complete Guide To Traveling With Your Cat By Car

The Complete Guide To Traveling With Your Cat By Car

Does your cat hate going into her carrier? Does she scream so loud, your neighbors think you’re killing her every time you try to take her to the vet? Unlike dogs, cats are not naturally excited about car rides. It’s not unusual for your cat to protest being put in a carrier and traveling in an enclosed space. But you can teach your cat to calm down during car rides, and even enjoy the peaceful trip… as though it were their idea! Cats Should ALWAYS Ride In A Carrier You should never drive with your cat loose in the car.[…]Read More…

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Is Your Pet A Lefty Or A Righty?

Is Your Pet A Lefty Or A Righty?

Approximately ten percent of people are left-handed. Left-handedness has been associated with greater creativity, intelligence, and a shorter temper, though research has shown that the preference does not seem to have an effect on personality. Is Your Pet Left-Pawed Or Right-Pawed? Pets can also be right-handed or left-handed. It’s easy to tell if your pet prefers to use their right paw or their left. Simply take note of which paw your pet offers when you ask them to “shake” or “high five.” You can also observe which paw they use first to descend the stairs, and which paw they use[…]Read More…

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How To Speak Cat – 15 Unique Cat Sounds, Translated

How To Speak #Cat: 15 Cat Sounds, Translated

Do you speak cat? Or are you mystified by the many voices of our feline friends? While dogs only make about 15 vocalizations, a cat is capable of up to 100 unique sounds. Here are just 15 of the many ways cats use their voices to communicate with humans and other animals: 1. The Hunger Alarm Are you 90 seconds late with your cat’s breakfast? Unacceptable. Your cat will let you know it’s time for a meal with a loud, attention-grabbing meOW. You’ll often notice a punched-up second syllable, an extra bit of emphasis to let you know that your[…]Read More…

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Why You Should Ditch Your Cat’s Food Bowl

Why You Should Ditch Your Cat's Food Bowl

Our cats are lucky. As skilled hunters, they once risked their lives going after live prey. Now, all they have to do is meow loudly and persistently to make sure their meals are always on time, delivered from pet store, to bag, to food bowl. This pampered lifestyle is not optimal for our cats, though they’d happily protest otherwise. About 58.3% of US cats are overweight. Many are in danger of being given up to shelters because of stress and boredom-related behavioral issues such as scratching and relieving themselves outside the litter box. Making your cat work for their food can[…]Read More…

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7 Weird Things Science Has Taught Us About Cats

7 Cat Science Facts

As they share our homes, cats give us a lot to think about. They’re full of quirks and interesting traits that make life interesting. Researchers can’t stop observing how cats interact with us and their environment. Here are some of the most interesting discoveries from the world of cat science: #1: Cats love people more than food Though many people think their cats are secretly plotting to kill them, the truth is that they are very social animals and love spending time with people. An Oregon State University Study showed that when given a choice between food, human interaction and[…]Read More…

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10 Ways To Get Any Cat To Like You

10 Ways To Get ANY #Cat To Like You

Cats have unique personalities, but they all speak the same language. Learn how to get a cat to like you, and you’ll quickly befriend every cat you meet, whether you’re adopting a new kitten or visiting a friend’s house. In ten simple ways, you can easily become a “cat whisperer.” 1. Wear soft clothes.  If you’re planning on meeting a new cat, wear something soft – a sweatshirt, sweatpants, a loose dress, or any garment that would make your lap a comfy place for the cat to snuggle. Laying together is a powerful way to bond with a cat. All you[…]Read More…

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Why Spraying A Cat With Water Doesn’t Work (Do THIS Instead!)

Using a spray bottle to train your cat won't solve bad behavior - but there's many great alternatives that won't ruin your relationship

It’s the suggestion you’ll see in many articles, blogs, books and even TV shows – if your cat is doing something wrong, fill a spray bottle with plain water and give them the swift squirt of justice. Spraying your cat with water seems to work. The cat will almost always run out of the room – stopping the very behavior you wanted to discourage. However, this is not an effective long-term training solution. There’re many alternatives that will teach your cat even faster, without destroying your relationship with them. When Water Spraying Doesn’t Work Punishment can stop problem behaviors. That’s why so[…]Read More…

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Can Cats And Dogs Live Together?

Can cats and dogs live together in peace? Despite their differences, they can become best friends.

Are you a cat person, or are you a dog person?  If you love both, you don’t have to choose. With a good understanding of both species, you can have a peaceful multi-species household full of animal best friends. It’s true that cats and dogs don’t typically get along. Their body language is different, leading to communication barriers. Their instincts may drive them to chase, flee or fight. But they’re not so different that they cannot learn to understand one another and become friends. Here’s why: They have one thing in common. They love humans. Cats and dogs evolved alongside us.[…]Read More…

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The Different Personalities Of Cats

I have had a love of cats since I was about 7 years old. I lived with my dad and step mom, who weren’t nice people. I often felt very alone and always hungry. We had no pets. Before this I was with my mom and I was always around animals. My great-grandmother had all sorts of pets. Birds, rabbits, cats, dogs, and fish. She had a monkey once too but that was before I was born. Anyway, I had always liked cats but I was more about dogs until I lived with my dad. It was cold outside and[…]Read More…

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Tips For Travelling With Cats

You just can’t avoid travelling. Leaving your feline friend at home is not an option. In such situations, you get stressed out and think the various possibilities of travelling with your cats. I feel that pets are like the members of the family and should be treated with proper care when taken out of the house. I have dealt with certain issues when I traveled with my pet, but I will not let you commit the same mistake which I did. It should be noted that cats get accustomed to a particular environment. If they are taken out of their[…]Read More…