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Tips For Travelling With Cats

You just can’t avoid travelling. Leaving your feline friend at home is not an option.

In such situations, you get stressed out and think the various possibilities of travelling with your cats.

I feel that pets are like the members of the family and should be treated with proper care when taken out of the house.

I have dealt with certain issues when I traveled with my pet, but I will not let you commit the same mistake which I did.

It should be noted that cats get accustomed to a particular environment. If they are taken out of their comfort zone, they don’t like it. Hence, it becomes important for every pet owner to offer a comforting environment to cats while travelling.

Are you ready for a jaunt?

  • A cat carrier- the very first thing that you require to carry your cat is a carrier. A cozy and a comforting carrier will keep the cat less stressed out. Ensure that the carrier is neither too big nor too small. It should be of a medium size where your cat can have space to sit, stand and stretch out. Ventilation is a must. You don’t want your cat to go breathless, right? Ensure that the carrier is well ventilated.
  • Practice before you step out of for the real journey- Yes, at least for the sake of your cat you need to do this. Your cat may not like the carrier at one go! You may have problems introducing her to the new carrier. Thus, to be at the safe side you need to practice the art of carrying your pet in the carrier. If your cat is familiar to some toys or clothes, make sure you keep these inside the carriage. This will help them to get in easily without making the situation annoying.
  • The continuity of the bond- you don’t want your cat to be left alone. So, place the carrier in a position that can help the cat to see you. The cat’s face should be facing towards you. This is done to help your cat see and smell you. Occasionally you may cuddle your cat to help her feel that she is not alone. Also, try conversing with your cat.
  • Car anxiety- if you are travelling by car, your cat won’t like it. Better you take your cat inside the car on a regular basis so that she gets accustomed to it. When the day arrives, get inside the car along with your cat. Let her sniff everything. Keep sufficient meals for your cat. Offer her some treats. She would love it.
  • A comforting crate- the crate in which you will be carrying your feline friend should be comforting enough. A towel or a blanket should be placed inside the crate which your cat is familiar to. It is better not to introduce new towels in the crate. If everything seems new to the cat, expect her to be stressed.

Are you flying with your pet cat?

This can be a little challenging. However, you need to take some steps in advance in order to fly with your pet.

  • Preparing at least a month before is ideal for you and your pet. Make sure that you visit the vet and ask for any complications that your cat may encounter.
  • The next important thing is to find out the airline pet policies. Stay updated with all the pet policies by visiting their websites. You may also call the airline and ask for help. Do not hop around from one airport to the other. It is best to book a direct flight to avoid stress.
  • Micro-chipping can be very helpful in case your cat gets lost. You may also add a collar with an ID (QR codes) for extra precautions.
  • Before you put your feline friend in the carrier, ensure that you have gone through the pet carrier size regulations. The carrier should be airy and comfortable.
  • Keep all the certificates, photographs and documents handy and also make sure that you have a photo of your pet (yes, your adorable pet’s photo!) in case your beloved cat gets lost.

Also, do not get stressed while travelling as this will have a direct effect on your cat.

Good luck!

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