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The Ultimate Guide To Squirrels As Pets

The Ultimate Guide To Raising A Baby Squirrel, Feeding And Rehabilitation

Don’t you just love watching squirrels? It’s incredibly relaxing to watch them hop, climb and forage. They’re impossibly graceful and whimsically charming. Everyone has, at least once, wondered what it would be like to keep a squirrel as a pet. Feed The World… Starting With Squirrels The odds of you ever keeping a squirrel as a pet are awfully slim. Even hand-raised squirrels need to roam for miles to fulfill their innate need to forage and explore. But you can enjoy endless entertainment by putting out a squirrel feeder. Bird enthusiasts consider squirrels to be pests for stealing from their[…]Read More…

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Which Small Pets Need To Be Kept In Pairs, And Which Are Best Housed Alone?

Which small animals should be housed solo, and which need to live in pairs or groups?

Ready to adopt a new pocket pet… or two?  Owning more than one small pet means extra care costs, but they’ll keep each other from getting lonely when you’re not around. Some small animals are social creatures that live together in the wild, while some are strictly solitary, prone to fighting when housed together. Here are some of our favorite social and not-so-social small animals: Guinea Pigs At the top of our list of most social small pets is the guinea pig. Sweet, cuddly and intelligent, they are herd animals that need lots of love and affection. Guinea pigs always need[…]Read More…

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10 Unique Pets That Make Great Family Members

Cats and dogs have been snuggling their adorable ways into our families for generations, but they’re not the only animals that deserve a spot in our family portrait. 1. Ferrets Ferrets are just as cuddly as dogs and cats and have been known to get along swimmingly with other animals. They’re excellent for apartment-dwellers. Be sure to train your ferret and provide puzzles, toys, and games for mental stimulation to make full use of their intelligence. You might be surprised at how much personality you’ll discover in such a small package. Requirements: A large, multi-story cage, a few hours of playtime[…]Read More…