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Which Small Pets Need To Be Kept In Pairs, And Which Are Best Housed Alone?

Which small animals should be housed solo, and which need to live in pairs or groups?

Ready to adopt a new pocket pet… or two?  Owning more than one small pet means extra care costs, but they’ll keep each other from getting lonely when you’re not around. Some small animals are social creatures that live together in the wild, while some are strictly solitary, prone to fighting when housed together. Here are some of our favorite social and not-so-social small animals: Guinea Pigs At the top of our list of most social small pets is the guinea pig. Sweet, cuddly and intelligent, they are herd animals that need lots of love and affection. Guinea pigs always need[…]Read More…

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What Are The Differences Between A Gerbil And A Hamster?

Hamsters and Gerbils are similar in many ways, yet they are so very different. Even though they are both mammals and are very popular as pets, they are completely different species. At first glance, you might think they both look the same. Yeah, they are both adorable and make good pets but that is where all the major similarities end. In order to decide which furry rodent is a perfect match for you, you have to totally understand the differences between them. Understanding these differences beforehand is greatly going to help you make decision about the best individual choice so[…]Read More…

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Can Gerbils Eat Salt? Feeding Guide For Pet Gerbils

Yes, gerbils can eat salt but it is not necessarily healthy for them. Very little amount of salt may be beneficial to some extent however. Gerbils love salty food like nuts, sunflower seeds and potato chips. They are high in fats but very low in calcium and other needed nutrients. Giving gerbils lot of these food can make them unhealthy and sick. They should only be given as treats once or twice a week. Salty nuts should be thoroughly washed before you give it to them. Healthy balanced diet of food pellets, fresh veggies and fruits should be provided every[…]Read More…