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Mini, Pot Bellied And Teacup Pigs: Adoption, Care And Information

What you should know before adopting mini potbellied teacup pigs

Pigs have always been popular animals, but now they’re speaking to our hearts, rather than our stomachs. For the right people, pigs make marvelous pets. They’re intelligent, affectionate, and each piggy has their own charming personality. Dreaming of adopting a piggy of your very own? Here’s everything you need to know to get started. What’s The Difference Between Mini, Pot Bellied And Teacup Pigs? You’ll see all of these “breeds” and more on breeder’s websites, newspaper ads and classifieds websites. Pot-bellied pigs are a breed of domesticated pig that originated in Vietnam. As adults, their average weight is between 75[…]Read More…

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10 Unique Pets That Make Great Family Members

Cats and dogs have been snuggling their adorable ways into our families for generations, but they’re not the only animals that deserve a spot in our family portrait. 1. Ferrets Ferrets are just as cuddly as dogs and cats and have been known to get along swimmingly with other animals. They’re excellent for apartment-dwellers. Be sure to train your ferret and provide puzzles, toys, and games for mental stimulation to make full use of their intelligence. You might be surprised at how much personality you’ll discover in such a small package. Requirements: A large, multi-story cage, a few hours of playtime[…]Read More…