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Which Small Pets Need To Be Kept In Pairs, And Which Are Best Housed Alone?

Which small animals should be housed solo, and which need to live in pairs or groups?

Ready to adopt a new pocket pet… or two?  Owning more than one small pet means extra care costs, but they’ll keep each other from getting lonely when you’re not around. Some small animals are social creatures that live together in the wild, while some are strictly solitary, prone to fighting when housed together. Here are some of our favorite social and not-so-social small animals: Guinea Pigs At the top of our list of most social small pets is the guinea pig. Sweet, cuddly and intelligent, they are herd animals that need lots of love and affection. Guinea pigs always need[…]Read More…

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Mice As Pets: Things You Need To Know To Keep Pet Mice

Mice as pets are very entertaining and cheap. Housing, feeding and caring for pet mice is relatively easy compared to other pets. Mice <mus musculus> are popular pets nowadays. They first originated in Asia and the history of mice as pets dates back to a mention in the Erya (oldest Chinese dictionary that still exists) in the 1100 B.C version. In the 17th century, Japanese mice gained popularity as ‘fancy mice’ in Europe. The national mouse club was founded in England by Walter Maxey in 1895. This was the begining of the worldwide phenomenon of Mouse shows, clubs, exhibitions and[…]Read More…