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The Ultimate Guide To Goldfish As Pets – Everything You Need To Know About Goldfish Care

The Ultimate Guide To Goldfish As Pets

With their shimmery scales, big eyes and pouting mouth, the goldfish is arguable the cutest fish ever. Though they’re easy to love, most die prematurely because they do not typically get the care they need to see out their maximum lifespan of 15 years. Goldfish are still a great beginner’s pet, as long as the responsibility is taken seriously. Though you may acquire your goldfish for cheap or even for free, you should still be prepared to invest a bit of time and money into their care. Fortunately, the biggest costs are upfront, meaning if you get fish tank setup[…]Read More…

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The Ultimate Guide To Betta Fish

The Ultimate Guide To #BettaFish

The betta fish, also known the as the Siamese Fighting Fish, is one of the most popular, most affordable, and most foolproof small pets you can own. They’re tough, living an average of three years, and can often survive beginner’s mistakes, making them a wonderful pet for a child or anyone who wants a stunning companion that requires simple care. Where To Buy Your Betta Fish You’ve probably seen betta fish in cups or plastic bags at your local Walmart, carnival or pet supply chain, selling for about five dollars. The miniscule amount of water in the cups means that[…]Read More…

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How To Choose The Right Aquarium Tank Size

How To Choose The Right Size For Your Aquarium

Are you ready to set up an aquarium in your home?  You may have already taken into consideration where you will put it, what it will look like, and how it will fit into your home. The aquarium is your fish or aquatic pet’s home – it’s their bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, all in one. That’s why aquatic or semi-aquatic creatures thrive in an aquarium that is adequately sized. When fish and other underwater animals release wastes, it creates a build-up of ammonia in the tank. Fish can be poisoned by their own ammonia if the water is not changed[…]Read More…

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Flavobacteria Infection In Fish – Causes, Symptoms, Treatments And Prevention

Bacterial gill disease, flavobacteria infection, in fish is one of the leading diseases young ‘Salmonids’ get in hatchery. Although not yet recognized as a problem in the wild fish populations, it can attack any type of fish in an aquarium. There is nothing ‘flavorful’ about flavobacteria or any other bacterial gill disease if you have a pet fish. Flavobacteria including other gill infecting bacteria like Aeromonas and Pseudomonas spp. are often found to be opportunistic infections. Young, old and weak fish with fragile immune system are more likely to catch gill disease at first. However if healthier fish are included along with[…]Read More…

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3 Major Environmental Gill Disorders In Fish And How To Prevent Them

Gills as we all know is the respiratory organ that helps fish breathe. It is only due to gills, fish survive in water. So gills are very important for fish but they are very fragile as well. I am saying fragile in the sense that they easily get attacked by parasites and bacteria. This is especially true if you are housing your fish under poor living conditions. Before I go any further regarding gills, let me inform you something about pet fish care. Here lately, I have been getting a lot of questions from the readers of this website regarding[…]Read More…

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What You Need To Know About Veterinary Care For Fish?

It is hard to deny that fish are adorable creatures and make great pets. There are many advantages of keeping pet fish as compared to cats or dogs. Pet fish can only stay in the aquarium/ tank or pond. Hence, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the poop or taking the fish for a walk every day. I have come across innumerable people who love keeping (or would love to keep) variety of fish. Their exotic colorful body and the ease in the care aspect is why people are so intrigued about keeping pet fish. All that is true[…]Read More…

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Anemia In Fish – What Is It All About?

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word anemia? You would answer the lack or the deficiency of the red blood cells, right? This is exactly the condition that the animals face. It is a heart and blood vessel condition where there is a sudden drop of the red blood cells. I would like to add that anemia is also called the ‘infectious salmon anemia’ that has affected the fish farms in countries like Norway, Canada, Chile and Scotland. The sad part is, some fishes may show the symptoms and some may not.[…]Read More…