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The Ultimate Guide To Betta Fish

The Ultimate Guide To #BettaFish

The betta fish, also known the as the Siamese Fighting Fish, is one of the most popular, most affordable, and most foolproof small pets you can own. They’re tough, living an average of three years, and can often survive beginner’s mistakes, making them a wonderful pet for a child or anyone who wants a stunning companion that requires simple care. Where To Buy Your Betta Fish You’ve probably seen betta fish in cups or plastic bags at your local Walmart, carnival or pet supply chain, selling for about five dollars. The miniscule amount of water in the cups means that[…]Read More…

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How To Choose The Right Aquarium Tank Size

How To Choose The Right Size For Your Aquarium

Are you ready to set up an aquarium in your home?  You may have already taken into consideration where you will put it, what it will look like, and how it will fit into your home. The aquarium is your fish or aquatic pet’s home – it’s their bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, all in one. That’s why aquatic or semi-aquatic creatures thrive in an aquarium that is adequately sized. When fish and other underwater animals release wastes, it creates a build-up of ammonia in the tank. Fish can be poisoned by their own ammonia if the water is not changed[…]Read More…