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7 Super Easy DIY Last-Minute Halloween Pet Costumes

Need a quick, easy costume idea that won't annoy your pet? Any of these will do!

Halloween is just around the corner, and there’s no longer any time to order costumes online or start working on complicated costume projects. You need a fast, fail-proof idea that will make your pet the life of the party – without making them feel uncomfortable.

Use these ideas to create simple, cheap Halloween costumes that fit your pet perfectly – even if you’re terrible at sewing!

1. The TY Beanie Baby

Ah, the 90’s – when everyone was in love with TY Beanie Babies, and we all believed that they would be “worth a lot of money someday.” Well, someday has come, and most Beanie Babies aren’t worth much more than their original price. Your precious puppy or kitty, though? Priceless.

All you need to do is create the collar tag. Since Beanie Babies came in all species, this costume works for ANY pet. It’s also very tolerable for pets who hate dressing up.

Simply fold a piece of poster board and draw a heart, with the lower left edge on the fold. Cut it out, leaving the fold intact. Then, use red markers or paint to fill in the heart. Make a hanging hole with a single hole punch or box cutter, then attach the heart to your pet’s collar with a ribbon. Don’t forget to write a sweet little rhyming poem inside, just like the original Beanie Babies!

DIY TY Beanie Baby Costume
DIY TY Beanie Baby Costume

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