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7 Super Easy DIY Last-Minute Halloween Pet Costumes

Need a quick, easy costume idea that won't annoy your pet? Any of these will do!

5. The Freed House Elf

If your pet has big eyes, big ears, and little to no hair, it’ll be easy to help them impersonate Dobby The House Elf from Harry Potter.

All you’ll need is a pillowcase or ratty piece of cloth with holes cut out for your pet’s legs and tail. This is an excellent costume for those of us who can’t sew, because the more awful it looks, the better.


You may also want to incorporate a sock to show that your pet is a freed house elf, whose master has gifted them clothing and their freedom. You can tack the sock onto the pillowcase with glue or a few hand-stitches, or simply let your pet play with a sock for the evening. To be perfectly accurate, use a dingy black sock.

You can stain the fabric with tea and unravel any clean cut edges with a nail file for an extra pitiful look.


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