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7 Super Easy DIY Last-Minute Halloween Pet Costumes

Need a quick, easy costume idea that won't annoy your pet? Any of these will do!

4. The Blooming Flower

Easily modify any old collar into a flower costume. This is a great idea for cats and dogs who do not tolerate most costumes.

Just sew overlapping flower petals around the outside of the collar.

Make the petals out of felt so they will be soft, yet they’ll stand up on their own. You can also use a hot glue gun.

Construction paper can also work as material to create the petals. It’s best to attach the petals to the outside of the collar so they will not rub up against your pet’s skin.

A stem or leaf can also be added to truly make your pet look like a pretty flower.

DIY petal collar.
Source: Martha Stewart

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