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My best friend has bid me farewell – How to cope with the death of your dog?

The way he used to wake me up in the morning will be always missed and his every action will be framed deep in my heart. His innocent little, twinkling eyes always makes my heart throb as I still feel his existence. Definitely you will be thinking the same for your pet as I am now. It is the moment of grief and the biggest barrier is to overcome this loss.

I too had lost my dog and I can connect to all those dog lovers who are shedding tears now. Of course, at this point of time you can’t control your tears. I cried for weeks and months and only then I could return to my normal schedule. However, there are people who just can’t accept the fact that they have lost their soul pet forever. They feel that life without dogs is meaningless and it is better to quit things.

Let’s get practical and see how we can cope with the situation

  • Let your emotions come in the form of tears. It is advisable to vent your emotions rather than keeping it within yourself. Crying helps you release the depression you are having, and make you calm at the later stages.
  • It is said that sadness when shared, helps in reducing the pain. You are in deep pain now. It seems you have lost a part of your life. So, it is better to share it friends. Your friends will surely understand what you are going through. True friends act as a big support in the times of sorrow. Go ahead and share. Your friends may also find some ways to keep you in an upbeat state!
  • Want to recollect those awesome memories? Take a look at your album. Photos can act as a great relief to all your sorrows. It just brings back those days and brings a smile on your face. In other words, you re-live the days! I still go through the albums where I see my dog happy and alive all the time. I had a few recordings too, and it just feels great when you watch them. Spend some time watching the videos and I am sure that you will feel better!
  • You may feel that there is no substitute for your dog and you may not be in the mood to welcome any other pet. This is just a temporary feeling and you can overcome this by helping the homeless dogs. They need true support from people like you. Your dog may have got all the comfort but, these poor homeless species don’t have the luck and the fortune to get shelters. So, why not help them and let out your emotions? Extend your hands, cuddle them, feed them and play with them. See how easily you cope with the situation! It really works.
  • You might have heard from your friends saying “hey buddy, you need to move on”. This is exactly what you need to do. Life may have stranded you for a while but, this is not the end. You need to accomplish your goals in life. The demise of your pet might have broken you down into pieces. It’s time to join these pieces and move on in life. Death is a part of life. The sooner you accept this bitter truth, the better your life becomes.

Why am I hurt so much?

Not all the people react in the same way. Every person may have a different level of bonding with their dogs. Loss does not necessarily mean the physical presence of the dog. It may mean the psychological benefits of living with your pet. The emotional bond, the support and the companionship you had with your pet forces you to miss him more. You may remember the funny acts he used to do, the times when he used to sleep on your lap or the moments when you used to cuddle him to the core!

Things are going to pinch you hard but, don’t let this extend for life time. Remember that hurting yourself can never be an option to get relief.

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