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How to find your lost, missing dogs ? – I Can’t Find My Dog !

You come out of your room after a long day’s work. You are in a mood to play with your canine friend and you call him. No answer?

You call him again and now this is the fifth time you are calling! Why isn’t your dog responding? You search the house like a sleuth only to find out that your dear friend has gone missing. There is this adrenaline rush in your body and you feel helpless about the situation. You are just bewildered with the whole scenario and the only thing you would want now is your dog.

Fret not. This is not the time to cry or be in the state of nervousness. Of course, you are tensed but, the only thing you need to focus on, is finding your dog. This article will help you get back your soul friend through different strategies.

Be positive, take a deep breath and get started!

  • The sooner you start looking for your dog, the early you find her. You need to make several efforts to bring back your life. The first thing you need to do is call the animal shelters and the police departments. This will alert them that will eventually help in finding your dog the earliest. Make sure that you have a different phone so that you don’t miss any calls.
  • Pictures can be of great help. Search the recent photograph of your dog and give it to the potential witnesses. Ask them whether they have seen the dog or not. In case you don’t have a photo, you can printout the picture a breed that mostly resembles your dog. Also, if your dog has a special love for any sound, you can always use that as a part of searching. You can distribute your phone number to the nearby neighbors so that they can contact you.
  • If you didn’t find your dog even after so much of trials, don’t give up. It might be difficult to pass the night without him but, you need to buck up for the next day. Dogs have homing instincts and it is very much possible that they come back home after their big adventure! The next thing is creating a poster. Also, don’t forget to include the type of collar she was wearing. Include the name of your dog and offer a reward. Make sure that the reward is neither too low nor too high.

Your dog is definitely somewhere and yearning to get back to you. It is possible that your dog is safe or she might have met an accident or there can be abduction cases. No matter what the situation is, hope has done many miracles in life. If you have given your best efforts, your dog is bound to take the reverse gear.

Prevent your dog from going missing

If you have not thought of any prevention methods, you need to stretch every sinew of your leg when your dog goes missing. As said “prevention is better than cure” is a true line.

  • Get a different collar for your dog. It helps in the process of identification. Collars never slip out or become loose. You can actually save your dog’s life with the help of the collar. Make sure the collar is functional rather than being just a fashion accessory.
  • The next best thing you can do is micro chipping. If you can make an effort and implant the microchip under the dog’s skin, miracles can happen! In the worst cases, even if your canine buddy loses her collar, this microchip will do the magic. It allows you to positively identify the dog as yours!
  • You can also add a phone number right on your dog’s collar. It is seen that when dogs go missing, people try to search some clues from the collar. So, it is a great way of recovering your dog in lesser time!

Never have the notion that your dog will not fall into such danger. Bad luck can knock your door any time and you should be prepared to fight it back. Always ensure that you have taken the right precaution for your pet. Good luck!

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