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Find The Right Pet Bird Species For You!

Find The Right Pet Bird Species For You

Does your shoulder have a vacancy for a beautiful feathered companion? Birds can be intelligent, entertaining, highly sociable pets. Match with the right kind, and you’re sure to fall in love. There are dozens of domesticated bird species to choose from. They’re all stunning and wonderful to own. Your ideal bird will match your expectations, your lifestyle and your budget. Intelligent birds can be taught amazing tricks and interact with you as well as a human toddler, but they generally need more time and attention than other species. Some birds can live for decades, which is wonderful if your family[…]Read More…

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The Ultimate Guide To Quail As Pets

The Ultimate Guide To #Quail As Pets

Quail are a hardy, versatile bird often raised for meat and eggs, especially in many Asian countries. However, their variety of bright colors and adorable, pear-shaped body make them hard to resist as pets. Their petite size makes them a great alternative to chickens for people who live in cities. They’re also fun to observe – a quail’s chirping is cheerful, yet not excessively noisy. Here’s everything you need to know about raising quail as pets: Are Quails Good Enough To Eat? Some types of quail are raised for meat, but even the largest weigh in at just under a[…]Read More…

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The Ultimate Guide To Doves And Pigeons As Pets

The Ultimate Guide To Doves And Pigeons As Pets

You’ve seen them released at weddings and funerals, in magic acts, in movies as they heralded encrypted messages during World Wars I and II, and you may have seen them bobbing about in your city, gobbling up the old French Fry. Doves and pigeons are intelligent, curious birds. As pets, they’re affectionate and playful. Curious about owning a pigeon or dove of your own? Here’s everything you need to know: What’s The Difference Between Doves And Pigeons? Doves and pigeons are members of the bird family, Columbidae. There’s over 300 species of bird in the Columbidae family, some of which are[…]Read More…

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How To Start Raising Chickens For Meat Or For Eggs

How To Raise Chickens For Meat or For Eggs

There’s something about the comforting clucking of a brood of hens that sounds like home. Whether you want a flock to lay delicious, healthy eggs, or you’d like to raise your hens for meat – some breeds are good for both – here’s what you need to get started: Are You Allowed To Keep Chickens? Before building a coop, check your local ordinances to make sure your flock won’t break the law. In the city of Grand Prairie, your coop must be “150 feet from any residence, business or commercial  establishment or office, (other than the owner’s), grocery stores, restaurants, schools, hospitals and nursing homes.”[…]Read More…

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Molting In Pet Birds: Understanding How And Why Birds Molt

Birds are simply awesome as pets. They were first kept as pets for their beauty more than 4,000 years ago. Since then they have been synonymous with ‘the pets’ that can easily be accommodated, almost anywhere. If you love keeping birds or simply want to know about how to keep them as pets, you are definitely at the right place. In this article we are going to talk about molting in pet birds but since you are already here be sure to check out all the articles relating to keeping birds as pets. What is molting/moulting? Molting is basically the shedding of the cuticle. In birds it[…]Read More…

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How To Make A Homemade Bird Cage Cleaner With Lemon Juice and Baking soda

As a bird lover, owner, you already know one of the most important bird keeping rules is to clean up after your bird.  And boy them birds are messy !!! You would expect a small bird to be a low maintenance companion. You couldn’t be more wrong. Your most dreaded job… Small birds are masters when it comes to making a big mess and sure enough, bigger the birds bigger is their mess 😀 If you are a new pet bird owner, cleaning the cage is a chore at first. It could even turn out to be your most dreaded[…]Read More…

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Birds As Pets: A Simple Guide On Keeping Pet Birds

Birds are active, intelligent and wonderful as pets. According to a recent statistics more than 25 million birds live as pets just in U.S households alone. The life expectancy of some pet birds is up to 100 years which means they can be great pets for generations. Their inquisitive nature makes them very smart and fascinating pets. They are not only compatible pets and great companions but also fill our home with vibrant sounds and colors. Pet birds require constant responsibility – devotion and companionship, like any other pets. However, it is relatively easy to take care of birds compared[…]Read More…