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How To Capture A Sit With Clicker Training? The Basic Dog Training

Here we go again; it is that time of the week already where I feature informative video post in this site. Today I have another video by Donna Hill. This is the 3rd video by Donna that I have featured in this site so far.

Here is the list of the ones that is already published:

Donna specializes in clicker training for dogs. Her video teaches the beginning steps all the way to higher levels of dog training in a fun and positive way for you and your kids.

I would also be publishing more of her informative videos in later posts so stay tuned.

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This video is part of the tutorial for beginners, on the way to becoming an effective clicker trainer.

This video is a great starting point for any behavior with a dog or puppy new to clicker training.

‘Capturing the sit’ is the easiest way to learn the clicker for the dog and handler.

If you have never tried it before, just go ahead and start using the clicker! Use soft small treats the dog can eat quickly.

Summary of the video:

When capturing a new behavior with a dog or a puppy, choose one behavior at a time.

In this video, Donna uses ‘sit’. Don’t try to capture other behaviors while you are doing this. If you are, you would be confusing your dog. If you focus on one behavior at a time, the dog will catch on more quickly.

Another thing to focus on is choosing the training environment carefully. Find a place in your home – a quiet place with no distractions, no noise.

It is best to do it when other family members are not in the home. This helps take the distraction away. So you can focus on what you are trying to teach them.

When capturing the behaviors choose the behaviors that dogs do naturally. That way you can capture the whole entire behaviors you want.

So the first thing to do is set the environment up, have the treats ready, have the clicker ready and wait for the dog to do their behavior.

At first the dog has no clue what we are looking for. But they will learn quickly enough. And when the dog does the behavior you want, you click and reward.

The replacement of the reward is important as well. When you place the treat a foot or two away, the dog has to get up every time so that he can choose to sit again.

If we feed the dog in the same position, the dog will not learn the actual movement of what ‘sit’ is. This is why it needs to reset every time and not stay in the same position.

Also remember to stick your treat hand behind your back so that it is out of sight. This is necessary so that dog can concentrate by looking at your eyes and not the treat hand.

After you train your dog for couple of sessions at the same location and you know your dog is getting the hang of it, then start in a new location.

When at a new location, start from the very beginning. Get in position (stand/sit), make sure the treat hand is out of sight and wait for the behavior.

This may take a while or a little longer for the dog to figure out…but just be patient. And do several sessions in the new location.

Don’t tell the dog to sit, no hand signal – don’t give it any cues. Only add the word sit after you have done this session in 4/5 different locations.

When the dog gets comfortable and quickly offers to sit or the new behavior in that new location, then he has a clear understanding of what is expected. Then you can start adding the cue.

Here is Donna’s video:

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