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One Secret To Training Dogs: The Reinforcing Approach

One Secret To Training Dogs: The Reinforcing Approach

Today I want to share with you a video by Donna Hill.

Donna specializes in clicker training for dogs. Her video teaches the beginning steps all the way to higher levels of dog training in a fun and positive way for you and your kids.

This is one of the many ‘how to’ step by step videos by Donna about living with and training dogs. I would also be publishing more of her informative videos in later posts so stay tuned.

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Summary of the video:

The most important thing to know when training a dog is to reinforce the behavior you want.

The more often dogs are reinforced, the often they do what you want them to do, instead of other unwanted behavior.

The trick is to catch them doing what you want them to do – and reward them. Think of what behavior you would like to see and reward them only for that.

Using a reinforcing approach will change your life. It takes the stress of training away making both you and your dog happy. This way dogs will learn what you want them to do instead of getting punished for what you don’t want them to do.

There is one secret to training dogs. This is it. At its foundation, training dogs IS this easy!

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