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Salmonella In Pets – The Reasons, Causes, Symptoms & Precautions

“Salmonella”, the word might sound like a food or an organism. Did you think the same? Well, most of us will. I stumbled upon this particular word when my pet suffered from food poisoning. So, Salmonella is a bacterium that attacks the digestive system. Since the article is about pets, don’t think that this bacterium can only attack the pets! Humans too, fall in the category of prey. Shocked? You shouldn’t be. I am going to help you extend your knowledge about the vicious bacteria.

What is exactly Salmonellosis and how does it affect your pet?

The infection caused by Salmonella bacteria is called Salmonellosis. It usually causes blood and intestinal infections. Your pet might chew and gulp in something dangerous without your notice. Pets are attracted towards garbage. A littered kitchen can prove to be the best place for your pet at times! Don’t you agree on this?

Exposure to contaminated foods, water, cheese products, raw eggs, soil and undercooked meats will force you to dial the emergency number. There is a high tendency of having typhoid fever, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. Dry food or pet treats are considered to be contaminated with this bacterium. You must be getting goose bumps after reading this and wondering whether your pet ever consumed any of those litters or not. The negative thought of losing your pet is normal when these situations arise. But, the good news is, the death percentage is low among animals. Only during extreme cases we hear of animals dying due to Salmonellosis.

The big question- Can we get affected?

The truth is, pets can spread the infection to us. It is one such disease that can be communicated between species. It is good to know that the symptoms of Salmonellosis can vanish in a week. Although it can be a relief, the symptoms can definitely deteriorate your pet’s health. Excessive amount of fluid is lost in this period. If it is a mild one, your pet can survive the sufferance. However, if the disease is intense, extreme care and proper treatment is required to cure your loving pet (after all, a pet has only one demand, and that is a share in your heart!)

So, the earlier you catch the evil, the lesser will be the consequences.

Curing the devil in the stomach

You know that this is a serious disease. It is not possible to provide home remedies and expect your pet to be good in a few days. Once you see your pet is unwell and showing symptoms which is not usual, rush to the vet. This can be the best advice for all the pet owners. You might say that “My pet vomits once or twice a month which I find is normal”. I would say that it is not necessary that your pet is suffering from Salmonellosis. But, you never know when a hurricane would strike your home!

So, your pet will be under observation when you take him to the vet. The vet may take the sample of the blood or the stool to examine the bacteria. If the diarrhea or vomiting continues, your pet will be hospitalized for some days.

No vaccine, but you can always take precautions!

Sadly, there is no vaccine for Salmonella.

However, there are ways to prevent it;

  • Cook beef and poultry thoroughly. Uncooked items can always pose a threat.
  • Remember that you and your pet both can be prone to this disease. Hence, always keep the kitchen and the working place absolutely clean. Use disinfectant to get rid of harmful organisms.
  • Always wash your hands before you serve the food.
  • Avoid having unpasteurized milk.
  • Make sure that you store the food at the required temperature. Refrigerate the food if it has to be used later.
  • Is your pet swallowing a little amount of water while swimming (I know that the water gets into the mouth by default!)? Well, this can be dangerous. The same applies to you too. The pool can be infected by Salmonella.

You are lucky if your pet has never encountered this disease. Start taking the precautions now and let us know what different techniques you are applying to prevent Salmonellosis.


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