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5 Signs Your Family Is Ready For A Pet

You see those cuddly animals in the Television and desire to have one at your home.

You try to act responsible and get your chores done. If that don’t work, you screech at the top of your voice and plead your parents to get a pet.

Okay, I understand they are cute and adorable, but are you really ready for a pet?

Well, let me share a story with you. My friend wanted a puppy. Her parents were against the will, but still she managed to own one. She never had the knowledge about handling pets, but she was always in contact with the vet ( her aunt) to understand the basics.

As the days passed, she understood that handling a dog requires patience, time, space and wallet! She was unable to give proper time to her dog because of her busy schedule. Slowly the dog developed separation anxiety. No doubt she loves her dog, but had she given a thought before, things would have been different.

Are you ready for a pet?

  • Care is what they need – Love and affection can bring wonders in any relationship. If you are sure that you can take proper care of your pet (be it cats, dogs, fishes, rabbits or even a turtle), then you are ready for a pet. Not to forget, your family should also agree to this. It is not possible to be at home 365 days! In your absence there should be someone in your family who can take proper care of your pet. If everything goes right, you are set to bring in a new member!
  • Seeing other pets you feel like adopting one – You go to your friends place and see her cuddling with her pet. You feel “how cute is that!” or “I wish I had one”. If this is your reaction, you might be ready for a pet. However, you should try and walk the cat or the dog to feel whether your decision is right or wrong. If you are comfortable in handling them, go ahead and adopt one. If you are a beginner and love dogs, know which breed is easy to handle. Research well.
  • Is it the right time? – This is an important consideration. Do you feel this is the right time? Somewhere deep inside you are getting the feeling that “yes, I can handle my pet in the best way possible”. If this is what you are feeling, you are ready to adopt the pet. Take suggestions from your family members. There are possibilities that they may say “no”, but ultimately you should understand that the responsibility is yours. If you are letting the pet in, it is you who has to take all the care.
  • What does your bank balance/wallet say? – I understand you love pets and you want them. But, a right planning is required to help things go in a smooth way. Adopting a pet and taking good care requires money. You can’t miss this part out. Rather this is the most important consideration. Maintaining dogs and cats require more money as compared to fishes in the long run. Certain essentials like soap, toothbrush, foods, bowl and leash are a must for the dogs. If you can successfully fulfill their demands, you are absolutely ready for a pet!
  • Grooming – If I concentrate only on dogs and cats, then grooming is one of the necessities that has to be maintained every month. Also, a routine checkup is a must for them. These definitely require time and money. You have to take out some time from your schedule to offer complete care to these innocent species. To be precise, they are just like your family member. You need to treat them the same way you would treat any other person!

Some other tips:

  • If fishes are your choice, they would not require much space. It is just the size of the aquarium that will matter.
  • Animals like dogs would require more space. If your house has enough space to accommodate a dog, you can adopt them.
  • Will you be responsible for feeding or some other members of your family? Make the conversation clear and know who is responsible for what.

What signs induced you to get a pet? We would love to hear from you.

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