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Pet Food Recall – Kong Aussie Sticks Dog Treats

Kong Aussie Sticks Dog Treats recalled by JAKKS Pacific due to possible contamination with mold.

[Recalls In Reverse Chronological Order]

Company:  JAKKS Pacific


Brands: Kong Aussie Sticks

Recalled products:

  1. The products being recalled have the following item numbers:
    1. Item 75559
    2. Item 75560

    And these “Best Before” dates:

    1. 1/30/16
    2. 1/31/16

Why recalled? due to possible contamination with mold.


  • According to a letter obtained from JAKKS Pacific, the recalled product was sold only at PetSmart.
  • No further store location, online sales or other distribution details have been provided.
  • This was a Silent Recall. The lack of transparency exhibited by companies associated with this particular event is very troublesome.
  • Obtaining confirmation and collecting details about this recall were especially challenging. Apparently, the companies only notified PetSmart and relevant distribution centers. And as far as we can tell, neither has made any effort to post a public notice.
  • According to a JAKKS Pacific company spokesperson:

    “The products were not dried properly so a small percentage of finished goods have gone moldy.“Majority of the product is fine, and the mold was caught at our DC, but some product may have made it to PetSmart so we are recalling all the product at PetSmart and destroying all the product we have at our DC.”

  • We are assuming that the abbreviation “DC” in a forwarded email denotes “distribution center”

What to do?

  • In that same email JAKKS Pacific said that the “product can be returned to PetSmart for a full refund.”
  • You may contact JAKKS Pacific at 877-875-2557, Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm PT. Kong can be reached at 303-216-2626.
  • U.S. citizens can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area. Or go to
  • Canadians can report any health or safety incidents related to the use of this product by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form.



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