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The Ultimate Guide To Miniature Horses As Pets

Miniature Horses As Pets

Are you thinking about adopting a miniature horse as a pet? Here’s everything you should know about bringing home one of these intelligent, adorable animals. What IS A Miniature Horse, Anyway? A miniature horse is not a pony. A pony is a small horse with a thick neck, stumpy legs and a thick mane and tail. It’s easily mistaken for a baby horse because of its juvenile, rounded features and plump belly. A miniature horse is smaller than a pony. It has long, slim legs, the same proportions as a regular-sized horse – just smaller. Both are simply horses that[…]Read More…

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Everything You Need Before You Get Your First Horse

Everything You Need For Your First Horse

You’ll always remember buying your first horse. It’ll be one of the proudest memories. As you daydream over your favorite breeds and make contacts with local sellers, you’ll want to make a list of the basic things you’ll need to make your first horse safe, comfortable and well-equipped. Where Will Your Horse Live? You can provide a stable so your horse can live on your own property, or you can pay a monthly fee to board your horse at a local ranch. There’s several types of boarding services. With full boarding, the boarder will provide daily feeding and care so[…]Read More…

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Murphy Farm Hay and Feed Company Recalls Alfalfa Hay Due To Possible Health Risk

Murphy Farm Hay and Feed Company of Louisburg North Carolina voluntarily recalls some of its alfalfa hay due to potential Blister Beetle contamination. Horses are very susceptible to the toxin produced by this beetle. After an exposure to this toxin, death can occur anywhere between couple of hours to about 3 days. So, as soon as blister beetle poisoning is suspected, it is best to contact a veterinarian. [View All Recalls In Reverse Chronological Order] Company: Murphy Farm Hay and Feed in Louisburg, NC Jones Farm Hay and Feed in Middlesex, NC. Brands: Square-baled alfalfa hay, bound in reddish-orange twine.(No[…]Read More…