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Beginner’s Guide To Building And Maintaining Fish Ponds

Fish ponds have become a much sought after feature in many backyards. It adds a unique dimension to many homes, even with limited space.

If you are thinking of building an aquatic oasis in your backyard, here are some factors that you should consider to help you plan ahead, saving time and money:


Knowing how much money you can allocate for your fish will help you decide on a style and size that will fit in your budget. For many hobbyists a fish pond is an investment that can certainly add value to a home.

Pond Type:

Once you decide on a budget, you can now select a style as well as the basic features of the pond including the pond pump and filters.


Here are some do’s and don’ts when choosing a good location for your fish pond—

    • Don’t put your pond in a waterlogged area.
    • Do choose an area which is flat and gets exposed to sunlight for at least half the day.
    • Don’t place your pond close to bushes or trees since falling leaves can contaminate the water.
    • Do place the fish pond in an area where it can easily be observed from the house.
    • Don’t choose an area where power cords have been placed underground.
    • Do use a circuit breaker if you have installed any pond equipment.


The size, shape, and style of your fish pond should fit in well into your landscape. Blending well into the background will help keep your pond looking natural. You may add rocks of various sizes, aquatic plants and fish to bring color and life to the pond.


Installing pond lights will make your aquatic oasis enjoyable even during night time. Good pond lighting will complement and highlight the unique features and focal points of your backyard pond.

Pumping and Filtration:

Perhaps the most expensive features of any pond system are the water pump and filtration system. These are very important because of the dramatic effect they exert on water quality and hence the health of the fish and aquatic plants.

Regular Maintenance of Fish Ponds:

Once your fish pond has been created, and stocked with fish and aquatic plants, you need to carry out regular maintenance to keep the water clean and its inhabitants thriving well. Regular maintenance is also important to preserve the aesthetic value of your aquatic oasis.

Fish pond maintenance involves several tasks. Some of these tasks need to be carried out every couple of months however there are those that need much more regular attention.


Vegetation that doesn’t belong to your pond should be removed. If there are trees or large bushes near your pond, you will surely be removing a constant supply of leaves, especially during autumn. Leaves in the pond can undergo decay and give off gasses that can be toxic to fish. Leaves can also get sucked into the pump, clogging it.


Silt can be removed using a fine mesh net. Make sure to remove silt regularly since leaving it for too long creates an ideal habitat for frogs and newts to live in. Expect the pond to be cloudy for some time after silt removal, but it will clear up within a couple of hours.


Check the pump inlet regularly to ensure that it is not blocked. Always follow the instructions from the pump manufacturer when doing maintenance work. Always remember not to poke anything into the pump when you want to remove debris while it is still running. You will know that your filter needs cleaning when the pond water appears cloudy.

Water Testing

Water quality is very important to the health and well-being of the pond’s inhabitants thus regular testing should be undertaken using test kits for pH, nitrite, and ammonia.

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  1. I have recently started looking into building ponds and could not decide on the location of it. After reading the list of location, I realized there is much more to take into to account when deciding the location. Thank you!

  2. Great post. Yes, Water testing is so important, many fish can be prone to diseases. Always test your water! Thanks for sharing

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