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Pets Are Family

Some people call them their furry babies, a welcomed member of their little family. They each have their very own personality and character traits, which makes them unique.

There is nothing like the unconditional love from a pet.  Like when you come home from a trip and you are greeted enthusiastically by your beloved dog.

It may be the affection your cat gives you when rubbing up against you, or snuggling up close to you while in bed. This is the joy only a pet’s love can bring you.

Some pets are welcomed to share the bed of their owners, while others have their very own bed.

Many pet owners will go out of their way to buy the best pet food and accessories for their four legged babies. Some owners love to play dress up with their pets and buy extravagant accessories or book their pets for spa treatments.

As with humans, investing your time together is the key to a successful companionship. Like any relationship, you have to work at it.

Going for walks to the dog park, playing fetch, or tug-of-war is great ways to develop an extraordinary bond between you and your pet.

If you are a cat enthusiast, then playing with a string, ball or feather with your cats are wonderful ways to spend time together.

One needs to keep in mind that all pets need to be stimulated. In order to avoid your pets from getting bored and destroying your house, ensure you buy some good quality stimulating toys to keep them occupied while you are out.

Accepting a pet into your family will enrich your lives. They creep into your hearts and become your best friend. Owning a pet will teach you great responsibility for another living being. It teaches you to care about something more than just yourself.

Experts believe that pets help relieve depression, stress and aggression. They have found that using pets with the elderly has greatly improved their health and well being.

If we take a look back in history, we will see many relationships between humans and their pets.

Napoleon Bonaparte’s first wife Josephine was very fond of dogs. While she was being kept a prisoner at Les Carnes, the Empress needed to get secret messages to her family. She knew no one would suspect her beloved pug, Fortune, and used him to deliver her messages with great success.

Then in 1759, there was a famous poet by the name of Robert Burns. Robert was a great dog lover and dedicated a poem to all dogs called The Twa Dogs.

Also, a very well known person was King Arthur of Camelot. He had a dog called Cafall who was well known for being a noble, brave and a loyal dog.

In 1966 a little dog by the name of Pickles stumbled across the Jules Rimet trophy (the Football World Cup) under a bush in South London after it had been stolen.

Now we can’t leave out our feline friends. President Bill Clinton had an adorable black and white cat called Socks, who became very famous at the White House. Even books were written about him.

socks clinton
Socks Clinton

Who could forget the beautiful Cleopatra? She loved and respected the feline family so much that she insisted on keeping a Tiger as her beloved pet.

Well, what have we learned this far?

When you welcome a furry baby into your house, they become a loving member of your family unit. They bring love and companionship and creep into the deepest part of your hearts.

The joy that they bring into your house will greatly improve your well being. If you don’t currently have a pet to call your own, I would recommend looking at inviting a furry baby to join your family.

There are many pets at the City Pound who are waiting eagerly for a loving home to call their own. They can’t wait to bring love and loyal companionship to you and your family.

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3 thoughts on “Pets Are Family

  1. […] or is showing some unusual behavior, call the owner then and there. Majority of people love their pets like a family member (sometime even more than an immediate family member). If you can’t get a hold of them […]

  2. Lovely blog Tertia. Food for thought so true.

  3. Your pet Ryan, has he been well trained and disciplined? Do you take him for walks? Is he allowed to sleep in your bed? Did you get him a bone with a ribbon for Christmas. Well written.

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