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How Dogs Learn: Teaching Your Dog So She Understands

How Dogs Learn: Teaching Your Dog So She Understands

Just recently, researchers have started training dogs to lie motionless in fMRI machines to get an inside view of how their brains really work. These studies have had fascinating results, though they prove what many of us dog lovers have known all along: that dogs have an amazing capacity to learn to complete tasks and understand language. What we are continuously learning about dogs can help us teach them in ways that they better understand for faster, more efficient training that is also comfortable and enjoyable for the dog. Dogs Are Perceptive To Words And Tone The Department of Ethology and[…]Read More…

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How To Add A Cue To A Known Behavior in Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?

Today I have another video by Donna Hill. This is the 4th video by Donna that I have featured in this site. Here are the 3 previous ones: One Secret To Training Dogs: The Reinforcing Approach Basic Tutorial For Beginners: How To Be An Effective Clicker Trainer? How To Capture A Sit With Clicker Training? The Basic Dog Training Donna specializes in clicker training for dogs. Her video teaches the beginning steps all the way to higher levels of dog training in a fun and positive way for you and your kids. I would also be publishing more of her informative[…]Read More…