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5 Small Dog Breeds That Always Stay Small No Matter Their Age

5 Small Dog Breeds That Always Stay Small No Matter Their Age

Are you a fan of small dogs? Being small has its advantages.

Some of the major advantages are without a doubt; easy to take care of, don’t need much space, live longer and can travel with you where ever you go.

Those are some of the reasons why, nowadays, more small dogs are being kept as pets than bigger dogs, according to the American Kennel Club.

Do you want a small pooch as your pet? Here is the list of five popular small dogs that always stay tiny no matter their age:

1. Papillion They look cute and innocent. Their height can reach up to 11 inches and weigh between 7 and 10 pounds. You may easily carry them without worrying about their weight. I have seen people carrying this breed in their bag.

They simply look adorable. At times Papillion is referred as the butterfly dog. Do you know why? No, they don’t have the power to fly, but their ears resemble the wings of the butterfly!

You would be happy to know that Papillion are very easy to train. Also, they are highly intelligent breeds. When dog shows are conducted, many dog enthusiasts yearn to use these breeds!

Taking care of Papillion is not a hard task. Regular brushing is necessary to maintain their coat. Again, they require occasional bathing. They basically don’t have a bad odor.



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