Food And Water Tube For Bird Cages

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This convenient Wild Harvest Food and Water Tube for a cage is a must buy if you have a pet bird.

The best part of using this feeder is it will only dispense as much as your pet can consume, helping to minimize the mess birds can create.

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Get you a Wild Harvest bird tube feeder if you have a pet bird. This tube feeder is a neat way to provide water or food for your pet bird.

The unique design enables it to dispense only what the bird is going to eat or drink, without creating a mess. It also allows your bird to easily access water or food and attaches to any cage without difficulty.

Product Features:

  • Can be used for both food and water.
  • Simple to use, easily attaches to any cage.
  • For parakeets, finches and other caged birds.
  • Helps minimize mess as it dispenses only as much as bird consumes.

Hanging directions:

  1. Remove tube from base and fill with water or food.
  2. Reattach base and return to upright position.
  3. The tube attaches to outside of the cage, with only the mouth of the base extending inside the cage.
  4. To attach, press clip fitting in between cage bars until snug. Insert feeder tube into the clip, slide mouth of base between bars and snap into place.
  5. Position cage so base rests on a fixed, horizontal bar or perch.

Cleaning instructions:

  • Hand wash with mild soap and warm water.
  • Rinse thoroughly. Allow to dry completely before installing.

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