Wardley Hermit Crab Premium Food 100% Dried Whole Shrimp 11 gm

$ 2.99

  • Complete, balanced diet for hermit crabs. Can be supplemented with occasional pieces of fruit.
  • Easy to feed. Soak before feeding, remove uneaten food.
  • Dried whole shrimp. Simulates a hermit crab’s natural diet.
  • Irresistible. Hermit crabs love this whole, natural food.


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Hermit crabs can’t resist these tasty whole shrimp.

Our shrimp are dried at peak freshness to provide a whole food source of fortifying vitamins and nutrients for your pet hermit crab. Simply dampen and serve, then remove leftovers within 48 hours. Potent smell attracts your crab and piques their appetite. Supplement occasionally with small pieces of fruit for a well rounded, natural diet.



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