Vibrant Life Slicker Brush And De-mat For Your Cats

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Use Vibrant Life® Slicker Brush and De-mat to keep your cats looking their best all the time. This is a great everyday cat brush that easily assists in untangling knots, getting rid of debris, picking up loose hairs and hairballs from deep within your cat’s coat.

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Brushing your cat’s coat is an important step of the grooming process and for best results should be done daily.

Cats depend on you to groom them with care. That is why Vibrant Life® Slicker Brush is the great tool of choice for owners with any breeds of cats.

The metal bristles that make the brush are sturdy yet flexible enough to de-tangle knots and de-mat your cat’s hair. It also helps in removing debris from the coat, lifting loose hair to the surface, leaving the fur softer and cleaner. Besides all that it also helps distribute healthy natural oils found within the cat’s skin and fur.

This tool is also perfect for grooming cats with sensitive skin. The steel bristles promote good circulation, a healthy and soft coat for your furry friend. Additionally, your cat is really going to enjoy the brushing sessions.

Product Features

  • Steel slicker spikes softly take out stubborn knots, mats and snarls while lifting and removing the dead undercoat.
  • The groove gripped handle enables easy use by providing extra comfort and control.
  • Perfect on all breeds and sizes of cats, no matter how long their coats are.

Instructions On How To Use The Brush

  • Start at the rear of your pet and work to the front.
  • Repeat until the brush glides through the coat with ease.
  • Brush often to remove dead fur and prevent mats from forming.
  • It is best to brush the coat before bathing as water may tighten any mats.
  • Be gentle. Follow the direction of hair growth and avoid harsh contact with the skin.

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Vibrant Life, Slicker Brush, And De-mat For Your Cats


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