Tiffy Premium Goldfish Color Enhancing Food Pellets, 2.5 Ounce, 71 Grams

$ 2.49

  • Tasty blend your goldfish will love. Palatable, bite-sized pellets that your fish will look forward to for every meal.
  • Nutritionally complete. Contains everything your goldfish needs to stay healthy.
  • Supports your fish’s immune system. Helps protect your fish against infection for a long, healthy life.
  • Enhances your fish’s natural colors. Contains trace minerals and vitamins that condition and maintain vibrant colors.

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The Complete Diet For Keeping Your Goldfish Bright And Healthy.

Your goldfish will love these bite-sized pellets – they’re scientifically formulated to help keep your fish happy and healthy. Our special formula supports your fish’s immune system to help them fight off infection so they’ll stay strong and healthy. Made with nutrient-dense ingredients and fortified with trace minerals to enhance your goldfish’s natural beauty. Feed 2-3 times daily. When properly fed, will not cloud aquarium water.



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