Tetra Whisper Easy Aquarium Air Pump

$ 11.99$ 16.99

  • For freshwater tanks 10-20 gallons and under. Provides powerful air flow to small tanks.
  • Whisper quiet operation. Designed to minimize sound-producing vibrations.
  • AC powered. Simply plug in for reliable 24/7 operation.
  • Ready to use. Includes instruction, air control valve and air pump.




Quiet but mighty, Tetra’s Whisper Easy Air Pump provides powerful air flow.

Provide adequate air flow in your small freshwater tanks with this powerful, yet whisper quiet air pump. Unique design minimizes sound-producing vibrations so you can enjoy air decorations without the noise. Essential for infusing oxygen in warm water. Includes instructions, air pump and air control valve, ready to use with your bubble stone, air curtains or air powered tank decorations.

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10gal, 20gal, 100gal


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