Tetra whisper 3i internal filter for upto 3 gallon aquarium

$ 8.99

  • For aquariums up to 3 gallons. Helps keep small tanks clean, reduces odor and buildup of ammonia.
  • Universal small filter. Easy to change each month.
  • Gentle enough for small fish. Powerful enough to keep your tank clean and aerated, yet won’t disturb guppies, bettas and other small fish.
  • Ready to set up. Comes with air pump, airline tube, filter, filter cartridge and instructions.


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The Essential, Whisper-Quiet Filter Kit For Small Fish Tanks.

Small tanks are notorious for quickly accumulating ammonia, nitrites and debris. The Tetra Whisper 3i filter is perfect for guppies, goldfish, bettas and other small fish, keeping the water clean and aerated for longer times between water changes. Includes one ultra-activated carbon filter to reduce odor, easily replaced monthly with size small universal cartridges.

Includes instructions and everything you need to start filtering your aquarium: air pump, airline tube, filter and filter cartridge. Securely clips onto the side of your tank, can also be used with suction cups (not included). Whisper-quiet operation – you’ll forget that you even have a filter!



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