Spiked Collar For Large Dog Breeds

$ 19.99

  • Made from Genuine materials
  • Cool looking sharp metal spikes
  • High-quality sturdy buckle and protective design
  • Metal nail decoration, very domineering, looks great
  • Great for bullys, pit bulls and other large breeds of guard dogs


These spiked Collars for dogs are not only fashionable but also keeps them safe, especially if your pet is an outside dog or it escapes your premises to take a stroll outside and gets under attack from other dogs.

The sharp metal spikes are anti-bite and the synthetic leather-like material is of high quality, long-lasting and very durable. Besides being strong these collars are also skin-friendly and comfortable. The metal rivets throughout the collars make this spiked collars very sturdy and highly fashionable.

Additional information


Black, White, Red, Purple, Camouflage


Medium, Large


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