Leopard Print Soft Fleece Cozy Bed For Small Pets

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This beautiful, soft and comfy leopard print Bed is designed with your small pets in mind; to keep them warm and cozy all year round. Your pets are going to be very comfortable when in it and would get a great rest and sweet sleep every single time. This warm and soft Nesting Bed is designed for small pets; puppies, small dog breeds, and cats.

  • Product Material: Cotton and Fleece
  • Package Includes: 1 Cotton Warm Bed and 1 Pad
  • Pad Size (L x W): (42 x 33) cm / (16.53 x 12.99)”
  • Bed’s Dimensions (L x W x H): (47 x 44 x 15) cm / (18.50 x 17.32 x 5.91)”

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Ideal for small pets that stay indoors; Small Dog Breeds, Puppies, Cats would love this warm nesting bed!

Made from high-quality cotton, this bed is not only attractive and durable but also very practical for a long time use. This bed would be a great investment for your small pets.

It also comes with a soft cushion to provide your pet with warmth and comfort. You can wash this bed to keep it clean and sanitary as often as you like.

Product Features

  • This bed is designed to give your small indoor pets a cozy place for great rest and sweet sleep.
  • Made up of cotton and fleece, it stays soft and warm so your pets will feel very comfortable in it.
  • Leopard print makes this bed very stylish and it comes with a (free) little pad.
  • This bed house is completely washable, (outliner and the pad) which means your pet is going to have a clean bed all year round.


  • Size: Small
  • Product Material: Cotton
  • Color: Leopard Print + White fleece
  • Assembled product Weight: 290 g / 10.23 oz
  • Package Includes: 1 x Cotton Pet Warm Bed and 1 x Pad
  • Pad Size (L x W): (42 x 33) cm / (16.53 x 12.99)” 
  • Bed’s Dimensions (L x W x H): (47 x 44 x 15) cm / (18.50 x 17.32 x 5.91)”

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Leopard Print + White fleece


290 g / 10.23 oz


Pad (L x W): ( 42 x 33) cm / ( 16.53 x 12.99)" 
Bed (L x W x H): ( 47 x 44 x 15 ) cm / ( 18.50 x 17.32 x 5.91)"


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