Oster® Nail Scissors – Clippers For Cats And Other Small Pets

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Buy this especially designed scissors style trimmer by Oster®. The Oster® Nail Scissors are designed to handle the detailed need of safe and effective cutting and trimming of your cat’s nails. This clipper can be used for all kinds of cats. Some people also find this very useful in trimming nails of small puppies, small dog breeds like Chihuahua and even pet rabbits.

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Treat your pet’s paws with care. Make nail clipping and trimming easy for you and care-free for your pets using this simple yet effective nail clipper!

Stainless sharpened edges with engineered notch blade provide extra guidance and control during the trimming process so your kitty can feel comfortable and at ease.

This trimmer is extremely easy to use. It is just like using a pair of scissors. It is the most intuitive and simplistic device which is effective in giving your pet’s nails a solid cut.

Product Features

  • Stainless steel cutting edges with lightweight ergonomic handle.
  • The blades are not long like scissors since it will be difficult to trim nails with a long blade.
  • Specially designed for trimming cats’ nails but can also be used for puppies, small dog breeds, and pet rabbits.
  • It has built in blade notch to help keep the nail in place while cutting. Unlike regular scissors with straight blades, the cutting edge is contoured in this clipper, allowing it to perfectly fit a nail in.

Things To Know Beforehand

Before trimming the nail, always examine the nail first. Locate the QUICK so that you don’t accidentally cut it while trimming. It can be hard to detect a QUICK in dark colored nails.

How to trim your cats' nails?
How to trim your cats’ nails?

The QUICK runs down the center of the nail and contains blood vessels and nerve endings. This grows as the nail grows, so if you wait a long time between cuttings, the quick will be closer to the end of the nail. This means more likelihood of bleeding during trimming. So be careful and pay attention.

If the nail is long, you may need to trim the nails more frequently until the quick retracts so that you can trim the nail to the final desired length. Try to trim your pet’s nails weekly. Keeping nails neat and tidy will be more comfortable for your pet and also helps in avoiding unpleasant scratches to your skin or furniture.

Indoor pets need more nail trimming than outdoor pets. This is because there is natural wear and tear when the pet is playing outside.

 If you accidentally cut into the QUICK, the nail may bleed. In this scenario, use a clotting agent (such as a styptic powder or corn starch) to stop the bleeding.

Instructions On Using This Product

  • Finding a quiet area with minimal or no disruptions is definitely going to help you get the job done much easier.
  • Sit next to your pet. Pet and praise them for reassurance. A relaxed pet will more willingly cooperate.
  • Hold the paw gently but securely. Examine the nail to be cut and locate the QUICK so you won’t actually cut the QUICK.
  • The movable arms should be controlled by your fingers, just like when you use scissors.
  • Gradually clip off the end of the nail. Trim the nail using a single, steady pressure move.
  • Start slowly if you think your pet is nervous or afraid. Consider trimming only one nail to start with until your pet is fully relaxed.
  • Be conservative when trimming dark nails or when it is difficult to locate the QUICK.
  • If you do cut too close and bleeding occurs, use styptic powder or corn starch to stop the bleeding.

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