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Large Barn Chicken Coop by Prevue Pet Products is inspired by the traditional Red Barn found on many farms and offers lots of living space while remaining compact enough to fit in an urban farm environment.

  • Easily accommodates 8 to 10 hens
  • Lots of living space yet compact urban farm
  • Two nest boxes, with four nesting areas each
  • Secure Chicken run gives your flock room to roam
  • Exterior Dimensions 90 1/2″ L x 54″ W x 51 1/2″ H

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This Large Barn Chicken Coop by Prevue has a thoroughly constructed design that combines safety and security for your hens with modern and convenient features for you.

Spacious enough for 8 to 10 hens, a traditional barn red non-toxic stain is complimented by a green asphalt roof to keep the coop’s interior cozy and dry.

There’s plenty of room to roam in the protected chicken run while still allowing your flock access to the grass, ground, and outdoors.

Leave the front access door open for come-and-go activities or secure with the attached bolt-lock to protect from predators.

A ventilated roosting area provides air circulation and light and includes three roosting bars plus an under-coop removable tray for interior cleaning.

The large back-panel door gives you full entry to the roosting area and is secured with two bolt-lock closures.

Adjacent to the roosting area, two nest boxes contain four nesting slots with each slot measuring approximately 9 ½” in width.

The nest box lid lifts easily for egg removal but can also be locked for additional security, while the nest box itself can be removed completely for cleaning.

This barn chicken coop is heavy enough to prevent predators from lifting it but easy enough for two people to reposition in the desired location.

To maintain the longevity of this barn coop, we recommend that you periodically treat it with a non-toxic sealant, and protect it with a tarp or other covering during extended periods of inclement weather.

This Prevue Pet Products Chicken Coop can be easily assembled, includes step-by-step instructions, and measures 90 1/2” long, 54”wide, 51 1/2” high.

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Weight 89 lbs
Dimensions 47.5 × 35 × 12 in


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