Kat Kuddlerz – A Plush Toy For Your Cat

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Reward your cat with Kat Kuddlers, the elongated Catnip filled toy made by Multipet. This toy also includes feathers and crinkle noise fabric enticing your cat to love every inch of this 17-inch toy.


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Kat Kuddlerz is a plush toy that your cat will actually enjoy. This toy is going to drive your cat wild since it is designed by keeping in mind the 3 three important aspects of what cats love in their toys – Catnip, feathers and the crinkle noise.

The catnip entices your cat into long and exciting play sessions. The feather at the ends gives your cat added stimulation and the texture, crinkling, of the toy, makes it more appealing for your cat.

This toy is awesome for cats who like to kick. You would be amazed to see how much they enjoy wrapping their paws around (hugging) the top of the Kuddlerz and do a two-legged bunny kicks to the bottom.

Product Features

  • 17-inch long plush cat toy with feathers at both ends
  • Packed with catnip to entice your cat for long play sessions
  • The synthetic fibers and plastic liner filling is made from recycled materials
  • Made with material that creates a crinkling sound when compressed to tempt your cat

Warnings: Usage info

  • Always supervise your pet when playing with pet toys
  • Keep out of reach of children as this toy is for pets only
  • This product should be inspected periodically for damages
  • Do not let your pet to continue to play with a toy that is damaged
  • No pet toy is indestructible so please discard when you notice the damage

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