Clean Life Play Top Bird Cage By Prevue


Clean Life Play Top Bird Cage system is designed for form, functionality, and affordability. The intelligent design and patented features of this birdcage reduce or eliminate scattered debris and make cage cleaning a snap.

  • 1/2″ Wire Spacing
  • Superior construction
  • Wire Gauge: 13 and 16
  • Base Dimensions: 22″ L x 22″ W
  • Cage Dimensions: 18″ L x 18″ W x 27″ H

Available in four colors sets:

  • Black: Black Base with Black Wire
  • White: White Base with White Wire
  • Red & Black: Red Base with Black Wire
  • Green & White: Green Base with White Wire
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Clean Life Play Top Bird Cages by Prevue Pet Products is designed for parakeets, cockatiels, conures, and other small to medium-sized birds like finches, canaries, budgies, parrots, lovebirds.

These modern cages feature a uniquely molded plastic base with a built-in seed guard and are the only plastic-based cages on the market with front access pull-out bottom grille and drawer.

Unlike in other birdcages, the grille on these cages slides out and back in easily for quick cleaning.

The lower cup placement and built-in seed guard reduce the scattering of seed debris as it creates a path for seeds and other debris to flow back into the cage.

The elevated body mesh prevents debris from getting stuck at traditional catch points along the bottom of the birdcage.

Elevated body mesh, built-in seed guard, and lower cup placement together eliminate debris transfer between stacked cages and create a cleaner living environment where your birds can thrive.

These cages come with 2 plastic cups for food and water, 3 perches for standing, climbing, playing, rubbing, cleaning their beaks, chewing, and entertainment.

Other unique features of these cages are how tight-fitting the squeegee-edged removable drawer is with the rest of the cage and how they have eliminated the gap between the base and the drawer.

With this birdcage system, you can easily clean without the disassembly of the cage. Hence bird owners like you are going to spend more time enjoying your pet birds and less time cleaning up their messes.

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